Future of UK Bike Share Conference Presentations


Presentations from the speakers at the Bikeplus 2nd Annual Conference:


Bikeplus Survey results 2017 Antonia Roberts, Bikeplus

Opening address from Greater Manchester Councillor Chris Paul, Deputy Cycling and Walking Commissioner for Greater Manchester

Address from Chris Boardman

Key note opening. Is the future Shared? Ed Gillespie, Futerra


Trends in bike share from North America Aaron Ritz, NABSA, Better Bike Share Partnership & City of Philadelphia


Creating successful bike share schemes

Creating a successful bike share schemes: West Midlands Emma Beech, Transport for West Midlands

Creating successful bike share schemes: The Dublin Story: Sarah Scannell, Dublin City Council

Planning successful bike share schemes: Mark Strong, Transport Initiatives

Rewards and gamification innovations to increase ridership

Positive incentive scheme for bike sharing in Budapest Ákos Bereczky, Centre for Budapest Transport

Reading’s BikeSmart Project: Incentivising new people to cycle using a Smartphone App and other ICT Marian Marsh, Reading Borough Council

Cityverve Gamificaiton Sam Li, Transport for Greater Manchester

Evidence for impacts and market research for bike share

Evidence for impacts and market research for bike share. Antonia Roberts, Bikeplus

The Health Economic Assessment Tools (HEAT) for Walking and Cycling Florinda Boschetti, Polis Network

What is the Spanish Observatory? Esther Anaya, Spanish Observatory for Bike Sharing

Raising the bar for integration with public transport

Raising the bar for public transport: Reading’s EasyGo Project. Marian Marsh, Reading Borough Council

Mobility as a Service in the West Midlands. Chris Lane, Transport for West Midlands

Raising the Bar for Integration with Public Transport. Andrew Ardley, Devon County Council


Vehicles of tomorrow: E-bikes and the Sharing Economy: Roger Geffen, Cycling UK

Social benefits from public bike share data

Smart cycling products and data for smart cities: Irene McAleese, See.Sense

Social Benefits from Public Bike Share Data: Oliver O’Brien, University College London

Maximising the benefits of bike share with data and AI: Tom Nutley, Stage Intelligence

The Commercialisation of Public Bike Share business models: Paul Stratta, PEBSS

Diverse models of bike share for small towns, business parks and rural locations

Diverse models of ‘bike share’ in Scotland. Nathan Kaczmarski, Cycling Scotland

Bike Loan on a shoestring: Evolution of an affordable campus bike hire scheme – a social enterprise partnership. Katy Boom, University of Worcester

Diverse models of bike sharing. Simon White, App-bike

Innovations addressing rebalancing challenges

Redistributing Brighton: Tim Caswell, Hourbike

Rebalancing bike share schemes with AI: Tom Nutley, Stage Intelligence

Cargo bike redistributing with Mobike in Manchester: Pavol Gajdos, Mobike

Charles Hogg, UMS Bike

How ebikes are changing the landscape for bike sharing

E-bikes transforming mobility: Tim Caswell, Hourbike

The technology behind free floating ebike sharing: Marcello Segato, Bitride

Co-bikes, Exeter: Mark Hodgson, Co-bikes

Achieving social equity in bike share

Achieving Social Equity in Bike Share Bike Share 4 All: Nina Borcard, Glasgow Bike Station

Better Bike Share Partnership, Aaron Ritz, NABSA & Better Bike Share Partnership

Exploring socio-spatial inequalities in bike-sharing systems: Case studies from Brazil and Spain: Esther Anaya, Spanish Observatory

How electric bikes in a shared context encourage equality and diversity in cycling: Chris Slade, Bikeplus


Bikeplus is the UK representative body for bike sharing which aims to optimise the benefits of cycling by supporting the emergence of the effective widespread availability of pooled bikes.

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UK Public Bike Share Stats

Locations: 26 locations

Total number of bikes: 22,412

Users: 626,136 users (unique members & casual users)

Average trips per day in UK: 47,710 per day

Available data from quarter ending December 2017

Operators & suppliers


Bike & Go

Brompton Bike Hire

Donkey Republic 

Hourbike  (Bikeplus Accredited)

Intelligent Transport Services (Bikeplus Accredited)

Mobike (Bikeplus Accredited)

Nextbike (Bikeplus Accredited)


Ofo (Bikeplus Accredited)

Ride-on (Provisional Bikeplus Accreditation)

Serco (Bikeplus Accredited)


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Urbo (Bikeplus Accredited)

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