About us

Carplus and Bikeplus promote the shared transport sector, including car clubs, bike sharing and 2+ car sharing. We are a not-for-profit, environmental transport NGO working for accessible shared mobility.

Car club telematics in action

Leading a new approach to transport

We believe that new approaches to car use ownership and bike sharing complement public transport, cycling and walking. They contribute significantly to reducing congestion and the unwelcome environmental, social and health costs of motoring today.

Carplus and Bikeplus provide technical support, best practice guidance and practical advice to car club and bike share operators, community groups, local authorities and transport authorities to assist in setting up and developing shared transport schemes. We develop pioneering innovative projects and research the scale and impact of shared transport on air quality, congestion, CO2 levels and access to transport.

We are also a resource centre on 2+ car sharing and the integration of shared mobility schemes.

Our work

Research and information

  • Annual survey of car club members and joiners including environmental impact and car club fleet emissions data
  • Annual survey of bike share members, shared bikes and trips
  • Find your nearest car club – online mapping of car club bays across the UK including all operators

Best practice guides

  • Comprehensive good practice guides including: parking, TRO/TMOs, electric bikes and vehicles and procurement guidance

Development projects, technical advice and consultancy

  • Research and consultancy work on behalf of local authorities, transport authorities and community groups to plan, establish and develop car clubs, bike share and other shared transport initiatives
  • Car club strategy development in London in partnership with partnership with Transport for London
  • Developing Car Clubs in in Scotland funded by Transport Scotland
  • Shared Electric Bike Programme,trialling different ways of setting up shared electric bike networks


  • We are the accreditation body for car clubs in the UK


  • Carplus supports and encourages measures that promote car clubs, car sharing, bike sharing and other shared mobility schemes which further a low carbon transport agenda

Please note that Carplus itself is not a car club.

Carplus Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee (no. 4429814), and also a registered charity in England and Wales (no: 1093980) and Scotland (no: SC044682), registered at Kings House, 1 King Street, Leeds, LS1 2HH, England. VAT registration no.135 5330 34.

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