Key achievements

Carplus and Bikeplus work to change the way people travel to reduce the environmental impact of transport and improve access to transport for all. We support and encourage measure that promote car clubs, car sharing, bike sharing and other shared mobility schemes which complement public transport, cycling and walking to provide affordable and flexible travel.

The organisation was originally established in 2000 to support the development of car clubs and 2+ car sharing schemes in the UK, in response to growing environmental concerns around private car use. Founded as the  Community Car Share Network (CCSN), it became a registered charity in October 2002 and in 2004 the organisation changed its name to Carplus.

In 2015, Bikeplus was added to support the further development of the shared mobility sector through the bike share network.

Our core stakeholders are operators, service providers and local authority partners.

Carplus has played an active role in the introduction and growth of the car club sector in the UK. From a handful of community-led car clubs there are now over 220,000 members with access to over 3,000 vehicles in locations across England, Scotland and Wales (as at March 2016).

We have secured government support for the growth of car clubs in England, Scotland and London, including:

  • Working with the Department of Transport to expand access to car clubs in England. Carplus is managing a Department of Transport funded programme to develop over twenty new or expanded car club projects across England (2014);
  • Establishing the Developing Car Clubs in Scotland programme on behalf of Transport Scotland in November 2010. We have supported the expansion of the network from 3 car clubs in 2010 to 16 car clubs in 20 communities (as at January 2014);
  • Delivery of an additional £1m funding for electric vehicles in the Scottish car club fleet through the Transport Scotland funded DCCS programme;
  • Delivery of Transport for London’s Car Club Strategy (published in 2008) and supporting its implementation in London (2008 to date);
  • Provision of advice on tendering and expansion of the car club network to new London Boroughs;
  • Provision of advice to local authorities in locations across Britain, including Bristol, Newport, Plymouth, Cornwall and Shropshire.

Other highlights which have helped establish, grow and promote shared mobility include:

  • Founded Bikeplus, the new representative body for bike sharing which aims to optimise the benefits of cycling by supporting the emergence of the widespread availability of shared bikes.
  • Establishing the Carplus Annual Survey in 2007. It is only sector-wide data on car club member and joiner travel behavior. Carplus also collects annual data on car club fleet vehicle emissions;
  • Establishing the car club operator accreditation programme;
  • Working with 2+ car sharing providers to establish industry data standards;
  • Founding the now independent and successful community interest company Commonwheels, now known as Co-wheels.

See the Projects section of this website to find out more about the work we are currently involved in.

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