Car Club and Bike Share Accreditation

  • Public Bike Share Accreditation

Carplus Bikeplus runs an accreditation scheme for bike share operators which provides assurance to local authorities on an agreed set of standards expected by operators when providing services.  This forms part of the membership package available to operators and suppliers who currently run or wish to run schemes in the UK

Update Nov 2017. Open letter to Cities from Coalition of Operators coordinated by Bikeplus. This letter provides a vision for the development of privately financed bike share schemes and multiple operator scenarios.


Bikeplus, the UK representative body for bike share has created an accreditation scheme to promote good practise in the sector. This new tool is designed to help city authorities manage how schemes are designed and operated in their area regardless of whether the operator has been granted public funding or just access to public space.

Accreditation has been developed in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders.

It will ensure a collectively agree set of standards is upheld across the industry to maintain the reputation that bike share has gained as a valuable component of sustainable city transportation. The criteria have been carefully chosen to provide a robust framework whilst not stifling innovation.

The accreditation scheme has been designed for the UK but we welcome discussion about its use by cities in the rest of Europe and further afield.

Why be accredited?

Bike share operators and suppliers benefit from obtaining Accreditation by having a shortcut badge to demonstrating their credentials to local authorities and other partners. By supporting the scheme operators are ensuring industry standards are maintained whilst also providing key data to support the development of bike share.

Developing accreditation for a changing market

Section 1. Developing Accreditation for a changing market

It is important that Accreditation meets the need of the public sector, with this in mind, the scheme criteria will be reviewed every twelve months prior to the renewal point on 1st April. Any questions or comments should be sent to:

Any updated versions will be published on the Bikeplus website ( and circulated to all accredited operators.

There are two standards of accreditation available; full and provisional.

1.1 Full Accreditation

Full accreditation applies to operators who are already established and have at least one scheme in operation. Full accreditation requires operators to meet all the requirements set out in the full accreditation application form (see below)

Some bike share operators who are new to the market may wish to work towards full accreditation as their operations move past the launch phase. In these circumstances, provisional accreditation may be appropriate.

1.2 Provisional Accreditation

 Local authorities entering contractual agreements with operators need to have assurances that they can deliver what they claim, but at the same time, new entrants to the industry may wish to apply for tenders prior to having all operational elements in place. It is difficult for Bikeplus to give the necessary assurances without the applicant actually being operational and proving what they can deliver.

Provisional accreditation will only be awarded on the basis that the operator provides Bikeplus with written details of a set of milestones leading up to a launch date and evidence at each stage achieve. If significant and repeated delays occur, provisional status will be revoked until the launch programme is back on track.

Public Bike Share Accreditation Scheme

The criteria for the Provisional and Full Accreditation Scheme are split into four sections; each section contains the requirements needed and a brief explanation of what is included. The four sections are:

  • 2.1 Business requirements
  • 2.2 Service provision requirements
  • 2.3 Maintenance and safety requirements
  • 2.4 Data collection requirements

To be awarded accreditation, each operator will need to complete the appropriate application form and provide the appropriate supporting documentation outlined in the application form.

To be awarded full accreditation it will be necessary for an operator to achieve all of the requirements in full. The accreditation process will require operators to renew their accreditation on an annual basis.

A charge will be levied each year by Bikeplus to cover the cost of administering the scheme. A penalty charge of £100 may be made if substantial information is missing on an application and a second appraisal is required. Price rises may be applied each year.  Each renewal year runs April to April regardless of when a scheme is approved and operators will be notified at least one month in advance of any price rises. Pro-rata charges will be applied when an operator applies for Accreditation part way through a year.

All materials supporting the application will be provided in English.

Payment structure  (prices exclude VAT)

  • £1000 membership plus a bike levy of:
    • £1.50 per bike for first 1000 bikes
    • £1.00 per bike for 1000-5000 bikes
    • £0.25 per bike over 5000 bikes

based on the number of bikes at 1st March each year.

A flat membership fee of £250 is applicable to any community or regional bike share with less than 100 bikes, the bike levy is only applicable to bike schemes with more than 50 bikes.

Accredited operators

  • Hourbike
  • Mobike
  • Nextbike
  • Ofo
  • Ride-on (Provisional)
  • Serco
  • Urbo

  • Car Club Accreditation

The car club accreditation scheme has been set up for the benefit of public bodies, and it was designed with their input. The aim is to provide a tool for organisations that helps to assess operators when deciding who should be invited to submit proposals, supported or chosen for a contract.

Types of accreditation

There are two standards of accreditation available, full and basic, both of which are available on a provisional and location specific basis.

Who will use it?

The scheme is valuable for local authorities who are increasingly supporting car clubs with funding and provision of on-street parking. Planning authorities requesting car club provision in a development as well as public transport operators working on joint promotions and discounts will also benefit from the system.

Who needs it?

Car club operators benefit from using the accreditation logo in their marketing, but with a charge for administering each approval, not all clubs will want to apply for accreditation. This does not mean they are not bona fide clubs. Indeed many smaller community based clubs will not face the situations where accreditation is needed, although some will find it useful to prove and to have proof that they meet other minimum standards such as safety and service standards.

Applying for accreditation

If you wish to apply, please download the accreditation criteria and relevant application form. If you have any queries about the accreditation process or the costs of accreditation, please contact Carplus.

Accreditation Criteria Download PDF

Basic Standard Application Form Download PDF | Download Word document

Full Accreditation Application Form Download PDF | Download Word document

Accredited operators

Full Accreditation (large operators):

Full Accreditation (small operators):

Basic Accreditation:

Provisional Accreditation

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