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May 2015

Carplus welcomes Transport for London announcement of the first pan-London Car Club Action Plan launched to boost take up in the Capital

April 2015

Carplus annual conference focuses on car clubs as a lifestyle choice

March 2015

Carplus welcomes tripling of Department for Transport funding for innovative sustainable travel projects

November 2014

£340k Awarded to new car club projects at carplus Annual Forum

Carplus: New projects will put over 50 new car club vehicles on the road by 2016

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Carplus Annual Forum Announced: Peak Car Author David Metz to headline event

Scotland leads the way with electric vehicle announcement

July 2014

Carplus welcomes Department for Transport funding for a Car Club Development Programme

June 2014

Carplus welcomes £1m funding for electric car clubs in Scotland

April 2014

Survey shows how car clubs tackle carbon emissions in London

April 2014

Car clubs help tackle air pollution in Scotland

February 2014

Car club pioneer to retire from Carplus role

November 2013

Scottish car club membership overtakes the rest of the UK

June 2013

Car clubs improve urban air quality and accessibility in Scotland

Untapped potential of car clubs could cut air pollution in City Regions

Untapped potential of car clubs could cut air pollution in London

November 2012

New car clubs cut carbon and congestion in Scotland


June 2012

New report underlines car clubs as a core sustainable transport measure


February 2012

Car Clubs help tackle air quality in London


January 2012

Promoting Energy & Business Efficient Car Use in Southern England


November 2011

Parking permits curb Car Club benefits for London boroughs


May 2011

Car Clubs Reduce Traffic on UK Roads


November 2010

Funding Awarded for Car Club Schemes in Scotland


September 2010

Extending the range of public transport


July 2010

Low Carbon Car Clubs Given 40k Boost


April 2010

100,000 Car Club Members Making an Impact in London


November 2009

Transport Secretary Crowns 100,000th Car Club Member


May 2009

Decongesting Britian: New data reaffirms car clubs’ role in cutting cars on UK roads


December 2008

Why a Wiget Will Save Drivers Money this Christmas


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