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Published 10/10/17

Future of UK Bike Share Conference Manchester 2017

Manchester welcomes the international bike sharing community to the annual Bikeplus conference. Bringing together shared mobility experts from around the world, the conference accelerated UK progress on bike share infrastructure, debating impacts including social equity, and explored both incentivisation, and public transport integration. There was   Read more »»

Published 10/10/17

Future of UK Bike Share Conference Presentations

Presentations from the speakers at the Bikeplus 2nd Annual Conference: DAY ONE Bikeplus Survey results 2017 Antonia Roberts, Bikeplus Opening address from Greater Manchester Councillor Chris Paul, Deputy Cycling and Walking Commissioner for Greater Manchester Address from Chris Boardman Key note opening. Is the future Shared?   Read more »»

Published 3/10/17

What’s the mobility story beneath the Uber and Community Transport regulatory headlines?

Local Transport Today 732: Mobility Matters Underneath two big recent transport headlines sit a common story that points to changes in transport supply and demand that are evidence on emerging new norms for mobility. In a previous Mobility Matters column, I reflected on the inadequacies   Read more »»

Published 17/8/17

The end of diesel & petrol cars? What about changing mobility? Writes Alistair Kirkbride

Last week, the press was aflutter with the headline grabbing announcement of the demise of not just diesel cars, but petrol by 2040 to help tackle the UKs air quality problems. This might be great for all sorts of reasons – if a little late   Read more »»

Published 18/7/17

Launch of UK's first social equity bike share project in Glasgow

Families and residents in Govanhill and Bridgeton are being encouraged to get in the saddle as Glasgow Bike Station and nextbike team up to provide a summer packed with two-wheeled activities. Group rides, cycle-in movie nights, road skills sessions and family rides are just some   Read more »»

Published 7/6/17

What proportion of the population can shared transport appeal to? Writes Alistair Kirkbride: LTT Mobility Matters

People who do, people who don’t Who travels how? As we consider new models of mobility – whether these are autonomous vehicles or Mobility as a Service packages – perhaps the more interesting question is, who is likely to travel how in the future? Put   Read more »»

Published 6/6/17

Liftshare granted funding to investigate rural and social isolation

2+ operator Liftshare has won £25,000 worth of funding from Nesta to explore initiatives to end rural and social isolation faced by people across Norfolk. Working in partnership with local Community Transport (CT) providers throughout the county on their project ‘HappyCT’ to find ways to   Read more »»

Published 6/6/17

Bikeplus announces the second UK Bike Share Conference, booking now live!

Wednesday 27th- Thursday 28th September 2017. Booking now live! We will be in the heart of Manchester City Centre for the two days. This sporting and cultural capital of the UK is the setting for the industry to come together as Transport for Greater Manchester is in the process of trialling bike share solutions. The event is supported by:   Read more »»

Published 6/6/17

Enterprise Partner Virgin To Create Door to Door Service

Enterprise Car Club, in partnership with Virgin Trains East Coast Trains, is expanding to locate vehicles at four train stations – Wakefield, Durham, Peterborough and Doncaster, (with plans to extend this to other stations along the line in the near future). Claire Moran, who is an   Read more »»

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