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Shared Mobility News Winter 2012

Published 17/1/17

Car club schemes shift up a gear in Highland capital

Photo 1

The Highland Council and partners HITRANS are delighted to announce the launch of two car club schemes operating in Inverness from this week onwards. The schemes were launched at Inverness Castle on 16th January 2017. The Highland Council’s Community Services is supporting the launch which   Read more »»

Published 17/1/17

First UK bike share survey shows more women cycling

Smarter Travel Behaviour infographic2

The first UK wide survey of public bike share was published by independent shared transport charity, Bikeplus. The survey found that bike share is attracting more people to cycle and provides a snapshot of who uses bike share and the way they use it. Key   Read more »»

Published 16/1/17

Could a car club provide your business with a convenient, low carbon, hassle-free business travel option?

Wise Group photo 2

The Wise Group is a corporate member of its local car club. It has benefited from increased flexibility for its workforce and improved its environmental impact. The Wise Group has also helped to provide vehicles that the local community can use. The Wise Group’s business   Read more »»

Published 21/12/16

Car clubs in developments featured in Show House Magazine

Show House Car Club article

Show House Magazine includes an excellent feature about car clubs, in which writer Roger Hunt explores the increasing number of car clubs in new developments. The article looks at a number of case studies, and interviews key operators, as well as looking at electric vehicle   Read more »»

Published 19/12/16

Transport Scotland’s Low Carbon Travel and Transport Challenge Fund is now open for applications

Transport Scotland’s Low Carbon Travel and Transport Challenge Fund (LCTT Challenge Fund) is now open for applications. Public, community and third sector organisations can apply for funding under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2014-2020 Programme to facilitate the delivery of active travel and low   Read more »»

Published 6/12/16

Europcar UK improves mobility options in the Highlands & Islands

Europcar and its sister company, E-Car Club, are tackling the lack of transportation choice for people visiting hard-to-access communities in Scotland, by launching a car club at airports across the north of Scotland. The new pay-by-the-hour service, accessible from each of the following airports across   Read more »»

Published 6/12/16

E-Car Club launches in Stirling

A new car club has launched in Stirling, bringing further sustainable travel choices for residents and visitors to the city. The car club has eight pay-as-you-drive, low emission, self-service cars sited across the city to provide a flexible, hassle-free alternative to car ownership. It was   Read more »»

Published 24/11/16

How sharing makes places better

Better Places, 24 November Alistair Kirkbride, speaking today at the Better Places Conference, described how car clubs and shared transport can improve the street scene. In his presentation, Alistair outlined the impact of cars on our lives – and the effect that planning to accommodate vehicles has   Read more »»

Published 14/11/16

Bike share: reaching people who could cycle, but don’t


Mobility Matters 11 November 2016 Alistair Kirkbride writes in Local Transport Today The bicycle is an incredible invention. It’s a social leveller, the second cheapest mode (after walking), leads to healthier people and cuts congestion and emissions. There are also still far more bikes in   Read more »»

Published 2/11/16

'Gaining access to what we need without travel is re-shaping services' writes Alistair Kirkbride in Mobility Matters for Local Transport Today

Shared mobility conference scotland2

“Mobility” is everywhere. “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) is increasingly filling column inches and conference halls, and many car manufacturers and rail companies are re-branding as “mobility service providers”. But do we really have a clear understanding – or any agreement – of what mobility   Read more »»

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