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Published 12/4/17

City profile: How Glasgow is to double its bike share to capture broader cyclist demographic


Glasgow City Council has an ambitious vision to create “a vibrant cycling city where cycling is accessible, safe and attractive to all,” according to Glasgow’s Strategic Plan 2016-2025. Promotion of cycling is therefore at the heart of the city’s agenda. The Council has invested £15   Read more »»

Published 4/4/17

Bike share sector signs up for UK quality standard


Bikeplus, the UK national bike sharing organisation, today published its quality assurance criteria. Bike share in the UK is evolving rapidly with established schemes in 17 towns and cities. Further schemes are in development and new operators are aiming to enter the market in the   Read more »»

Published 22/3/17

Car clubs in Scotland are changing the way people travel

Renault ZOE Stornoway e Car Club (9 of 39)

New Carplus Annual Survey report shows strong growth in Scottish car club membership, driving the cleanest, greenest vehicles in the UK Over 11,000 people in Scotland share 332 cars – and their behaviour has a positive impact on air quality and their carbon footprint as   Read more »»

Published 9/3/17

LTT Comment: Are changes in how we travel bound to reduce social mixing?

What makes a great place?

Mobility matters 3rd March 2017 Alistair Kirkbride writes in Local Transport Today Mobility matters 3rd March 2017 Life used to be simple in the transport world. People generally owned cars, used public transport or walked and cycled. OK, I am guilty of opening with what   Read more »»

Published 16/2/17

Salford Green Wheels Travel Plan


Salford City Council worked with Transport for Greater Manchester to develop more sustainable modes of transport for its employees and the local community. The Green Wheels Travel Plan is aimed at promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. The Salford Green Wheels Travel Plan focuses on   Read more »»

Published 7/2/17

LTT Comment: Could regulation deliver public good and trigger vitality in the new mobility sector?

Mobility Matters February 2017 Alistair Kirkbride writes in Local Transport Today The relationship and role between the public and private sector keeps rearing its head as the mobility world develops. Court cases between public sector bodies and Uber, or the lack of meshing between fast-evolving   Read more »»

Published 27/1/17

Over 10,000 car club members in Scotland!

CarPlus - - picture by Donald MacLeod - 31.05.16 - 07702 319 738 - -

The car club sector in Scotland is growing rapidly with car clubs now available in 31 locations including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Stirling and Dundee, along with many towns and villages. With the expansion of car club coverage, membership has increased with now more than   Read more »»

Published 25/1/17

LTT Comment: Where Uber leads, community transport should follow


Mobility Matters 6 January 2017 Kate Gifford writes in Local Transport Today Community transport and car clubs have common ancestry in the UK, but have diverged significantly over the years. The emergence of new technology and more widespread disruption in the transport sector now opens   Read more »»

Published 17/1/17

Car club schemes shift up a gear in Highland capital

Photo 1

The Highland Council and partners HITRANS are delighted to announce the launch of two car club schemes operating in Inverness from this week onwards. The schemes were launched at Inverness Castle on 16th January 2017. The Highland Council’s Community Services is supporting the launch which   Read more »»

Published 17/1/17

First UK bike share survey shows more women cycling

Smarter Travel Behaviour infographic2

The first UK wide survey of public bike share was published by independent shared transport charity, Bikeplus. The survey found that bike share is attracting more people to cycle and provides a snapshot of who uses bike share and the way they use it. Key   Read more »»

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