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New resource shows car clubs are a sound investment

BCR tool coverThe strategic benefits of car clubs have been recognised for some time. The Economic Benefits of Car Clubs, published today on the Carplus website enables the calculation of economic benefits using government guidelines for economic appraisal.

This latest research shows that car clubs can be an extremely wise investment, with benefit to cost ratios of up to 35:1.

This new publication provides tools for project partners to evaluate the potential benefits for future projects or assess the actual economic benefits of existing car club schemes.

The benefit cost ratio analysis tool was used to assess six key projects that form part of the Developing Car Clubs in England Programme and showed that benefits outweighed costs for all projects over both 5 and 30 year time frames.

Larger schemes in urban areas tended to show stronger benefits than smaller rural ones, but that both were economically beneficial. For urban car clubs in large conurbations the BCRs over a five year period range between 2.83:1 and 5.71:1 and over a 30 year period range between 17.68:1 and 35.53:1.

Economic Case for Car Clubs

The report, commissioned by Carplus was written by Keith Buchan, MTRU.


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