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Shared mobility news April 2014

Welcome to the latest edition of Shared Mobility News!

Find out what’s happening in the world of car clubs. You’ll also find links to latest recommended reads and details on upcoming events.

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City Car Club launches in Nottingham

City Car Club, the largest independent car club in the UK, will launch in Nottingham in May, their 17th city.

Supported by Nottingham City Council and initially funded with a Local Sustainable Transport Fund grant and revenues from the city’s workplace parking levy, the car club will offer a range of vehicle types in eight locations around the city centre. Individual membership costs £60 a year and business users will pay £20 a year or less, depending on the number of members in their organisation. Hourly rates start from £4.95 and daily rates from £49.50.

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Hertfordshire University launches electric car club

The University of Hertfordshire has launched an electric, pay–per–use car club for staff, students and the local community. The University’s environment and sustainability team, Source East (the region’s EV recharging network) and E–Car Club are offering two Renault Zoes and a Renault Fluence ZE at two sites on campus. It makes Hertfordshire the first university in the country to offer an entirely electric car club.

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Co-cars promotes membership to shoppers

Co–Cars car club has been pounding the pavements in Princesshay, Exeter’s popular central shopping district. The co–operative car club, which now has 10 cars in Exeter, Topsham and Taunton, spent a weekend handing out business card–sized promotional leaflets to shoppers. There were opportunities to test drive the cars and the offer of a reduced rate for new members.

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Co-wheels launches by the sea in Bournemouth

Co–wheels Car Club is up and running in Bournemouth. By mid–summer it will offer 15 low emission, hybrid or electric vehicles.

Bournemouth Borough Council have welcomed the scheme and will officially launch it in May. Suzy Wheeler, Co–wheels development co–ordinator for Bournemouth, said: ‘The south coast club is delighted to be part of a forward-thinking travel campaign led by Bournemouth Borough Council and supported by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

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Scottish car clubs grow the EV fleet

Scotland’s growing car club network is enjoying good uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) in cities, towns and rural communities, and is about to launch its first shared EV in Edinburgh to parallel those already on street in Aberdeen.

City Car Club will unveil a Nissan Leaf at Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI) on April 22, with Minister for Transport, Keith Brown. It will be City Car Club’s first EV in Scotland.

Four rural Scottish car clubs already offer zero emission shared transport, thanks to the Developing Car Clubs in Scotland (DCCS) programme, which is funded by Transport Scotland and managed by Carplus. FEET Car Club in Fintry, Stirlingshire, LEAP Car Club in Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, SpareWheels Car Club in Dunbar, West Lothian and Moray Car Share in Findhorn and Forres, Moray, were EV pioneers in 2013/14, and there are plans to expand the number of car club EVs in 2014/15.


Moray Carshare's EVs use local wind energy

Moray Carshare, formerly known as Park Carpool, has expanded to cover Forres as well as Findhorn. It has added two EVs and two fuel efficient petrol vehicles to its fleet with support from DCCS. Launched on 22 February, Moray Carshare has nine cars, including a Nissan Leaf and a Renault Twizy, at three locations, and serves 45 members.

The DCCS Programme funded the installation of a charging point for its EVs in Findhorn. The charge point is supplied by energy from four nearby community-owned wind turbines. As part of the ORIGIN project, funded by the European Commission, Heriot–Watt University, Edinburgh, is to explore how to develop smart charging to ensure the EVs are charged when the wind is blowing and the turbines spinning.


Nextbike arrives in Glasgow and Bath

Nextbike, the world’s biggest bike sharing network, is launching its first UK ventures. It will replace Bath’s current bike sharing service from June, and introduce bike sharing to Glasgow ahead of the Commonwealth Games, which begin on July 23.

In Glasgow there will be around 400 bikes at 31 permanent locations and six locations which will only operate during the Games. Glasgow City Council is funding the scheme to the tune of almost £600,000 over three years. Glasgow Bike Station, a charity which promotes mental and physical health through cycling, will maintain the bikes.

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Online information resource to help reduce transport emissions

An online information hub has been launched to help local authorities develop low–emission transport policies. The Low Emission Hub, a free website developed by the Low Emission Partnership, is a central information resource for Low Emission Strategies (LES) interventions and impacts. It includes an extensive searchable database of UK case studies and local authorities and other organisations are being invited to share their experiences of emission reduction policy and implementation of low emission measures.

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E-Car benefits from £500k investment

E–Car Club has secured £500,000 funding from Ignite Social Enterprise LP, a social impact fund which targets energy–related ventures. The funds will allow E–Car Club, which is also supported by crowdfunders and angel investors, to cover up to twenty new locations.

Building on the success of a community-led project in Milton Keynes and a partnership with Luton Borough Council, E–Car is now operational in Tower Hamlets, Oxford, the University of Hertfordshire and Maylands Business Park, Hemel Hempstead. It is developing new hubs in London, the South East, and the Midlands in partnership with councils, social landlord and community group partners.

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York Council scoops award for driving up car club use

City of York Council has earned a national award for its work on car sharing and car clubs.
At the Energy Saving Trust Fleet Hero Awards the council scooped the Grey Fleet Management Award and was a runner–up in the Business Mileage Management category.

Over the past three years it has halved the number staff who use their own vehicles for business (also known as the grey fleet).

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Car clubs part of parking solution in Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest Council has put car clubs at the centre of its efforts to manage demand for kerbside parking. Population in the London borough is growing, and so is demand for kerb space. The council is promoting car clubs in a bid to reduce car ownership and, working with operator Zipcar, is about to expand the number of dedicated bays from 35 to 50.

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Mixed results for car2go's Seattle pilot

A report summarising the initial impacts of the car2go car club pilot in Seattle, Washington, indicates mixed results. The report, based on member surveys conducted by car2go, reveals that 39 per cent of members have given up a car or are considering giving up a car, 35 per cent are traveling fewer miles in personal vehicles and 39 per cent are using their personal cars less often. However, some 63 per cent of members reported that they had not changed the number of miles they travelled in a personal vehicle, even with car2go use. The surveys also show that 47 per cent now travel by public transport less frequently than before joining.

Read the full report:


Funding Carplus

Running an NGO with a mixture of funding sources is always a challenge and uncertainty is normal particularly around Easter, as one–year funding commitments come to an end. This year Carplus was able to confirm its programme of work for 2014–16 in Scotland with Transport Scotland and for 2014/15 in London with Transport for London at the end of March.

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Carplus Vacancies

Carplus is currently advertising for two Communication Officer posts. One vacancy is for a full or part time permanent member of staff to join the team and the other is for a 6 week, part time placement student. Full details can be found on the Carplus website vacancies page here.


Carplus Annual Conference

The Carplus Annual Conference, held at the NCVO on 3 April, saw a diverse range of attendees explore new developments and a range of new operating models, including flexible (one way) and point to point (EVs). Highlights included presentations by Richard Bruce (Office for Low Emission Vehicles), Scott Eddington (EasyCar club) and one of the first UK presentations from Cédric Bolloré (Blue Solutions – IER) about Autolib’ in Paris.

There was the launch of the Carplus Annual Survey reports for 2013/14 and a lively debate about recent developments and the challenges of adopting ultra low carbon vehicles. Most presentations from the event can be viewed here.


Save the dates: Carplus/Transport for London Car Club Forums

Car Club Forum 23 – 25 September 2014
Car Club Forum 24 – 17 February 2015

Both events will be held at Transport for London’s offices at Palestra in Southwark. Further details will be provided as and when they are available.


Cycle City Leeds, 1-2 May 2014

Cycle City is billed as ‘a culture changing event for all those working to encourage Dutch levels of utility cycling in Britain’. Chas Ball, chief executive of Carplus, will be part of the discussion on the future of door to door journeys on day one, exploring opportunities for mobility services like car clubs and shared bikes to work more closely with public transport.

Other sessions include integration with other modes, public bike hire – making it work, behaviour change and e–bikes and powered two–wheelers. For details see:


Ecology Building Society AGM, London, 26 April 2014

Carplus will have a stall in the ‘green market’ at the AGM of Britain’s second smallest building society, to be held at the Abbey Centre, Westminster. Ecology boasts the highest level of member participation of any society.


wocomoco World Collaborative Mobility Congress, Berne, 7-8 May 2014

The second World Collaborative Mobility Congress will consider the future of shared and combined mobility, with help from speakers including Dr Joerg Beckmann, CEO of Mobility Academy, Caroline Cerfontaine, UITP manager for combined mobility and urban issues, Alan Woodland, executive director of the CarSharing Association and Andreas Rubinski, CEO of Mobility International. There will be sessions on business and policy, entrepreneurial and political challenges and public policy and co-mobility.
For details see:


Innovation in Mobility Public Policy Summit, Washington DC, 10-11 June 2014

The Innovation in Mobility Public Policy Summit will bring transportation professionals together to discuss new developments and foster further collaboration among federal, state and local governments and private sector mobility providers. Building upon the Shared Use Mobility Summit in San Francisco last October, the event will feature panel discussions and presentations by mobility leaders within the public sector, alongside experts in car sharing, one–way car sharing, peer–to–peer (P2P) car sharing, public bike sharing, ride sharing and technology.
More at:

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