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Shared mobility news April 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of Shared Mobility News!

Find out what’s happening in the world of car clubs. You’ll also find links to latest recommended reads and details on upcoming events.

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City Car Club acquired by Enterprise


There’s a significant shift in the car club operator landscape as Enterprise Rent-A-Car, the world’s largest vehicle rental business, announced the acquisition of City Car Club, Britain’s biggest independent car sharing company.

This is hard evidence of the mainstream appeal of car clubs. When multi-national businesses such as Enterprise take such an interest in a national car club operator, it shows that the value of sharing – rather that owning – is a serious social trend. We are very excited by how Enterpise’s extensive national coverage wil be combined with City Car Club’s pay-as-you-go model, and hence what this means for car sharing across the whole UK.’ said Alistair Kirkbride, Executive Director of Carplus.

Although the Enterprise CarShare and City Car Club businesses will continue to operate as two separate brands in the short term, both are talking about the move as an opportunity for expansion.
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2015 Carplus Annual Conference focuses on car clubs as a lifestyle choice

Virgin Trains East Coast, Ford and join Carplus conference to focus on how shared transport is becoming part of everyday lives

- The Carplus Annual Conference 2015: Shared Transport as a Lifestyle Choice?

- 30 April 2015

- National Railway Museum, York


With increased evidence that young people today have the lowest aspirations to car ownership for generations, this conference will look at how the shared transport industry is tapping into the trend from ownership to use, where mobility is provided increasingly by an app rather than a four wheeled object sitting in the drive.

The conference draws together speakers from a wide range of disciplines including academic researchers, transport planners and commercial operators trialing the integration of car clubs into commercial services.

The Carplus Annual Conference will also launch the 2014-15 Carplus Annual Survey, the only national, independent research into the car club sector. The Carplus Annual Survey provides an annual snapshot of the sector, together with measured benefits of car clubs with respect to reduced CO2 emissions, improved air quality, increased walking, cycling and use of public transport as well as increased access to transport. This year the Survey will provide more in depth analysis of car club user profiles and the changing trends in travel behaviour.

The conference will also focus on the profiles of car club members, and build on this to explore the future users of shared transport from a variety of perspectives.

The conference is supported by and the Department for Transport

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The Carplus Annual Survey will also be available from the Carplus website on publication.


Carplus welcomes government response to the Sharing Economy Review

Following the publication of the Sharing Economy Review in 2014, the government has now published its response.

Carplus welcomes the review and the Government’s positive response to the proposals for making the UK the ‘natural home’ for sharing economy businesses, and especially the recognition of the role of shared transport.

What does this review mean for shared transport providers and car clubs?
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OLEV Go ultra low scheme update

The 12 cities and authorities shortlisted for official Go Ultra Low status and a share of the £35 million funding are:

City of York Council; Department for Regional Development of Northern Ireland; Dundee City Council; Greater London Authority; Leicester City Council; Milton Keynes Council; North East Combined Authority; Nottingham City Council; Oxford City Council Sheffield City Council; West of England; West Yorkshire Combined Authority.


Total Transport Pilot Fund - winners announced

The Total Transport Pilot Fund is aimed at allowing communities to deliver better transport projects in rural and isolated areas. The government announced the winning bids for the funding totalling over £7 million.

The Total Transport Pilot Fund competition was launched on 14 January 2015 and 42 bids were received from local authorities in England. The funding will provide the essential first step for local authorities to implement service integration.
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Carplus welcomes tripling of Department for Transport funding for the Developing Car Clubs in England programme

March 2015: Baroness Kramer, Minister of State for Transport, announced a further £1.07 million in addition to the £0.5 million announced last July for the Developing Car Clubs in England programme which is managed by Carplus.

Norfolk - Golf

‘Initial funding last year put new car clubs on the ground that are already changing the way people travel. We are delighted that the Department of Transport is extending funding so that we can triple the amount of car club development and unlock the opportunities for a much broader set of car club developments’, said Alistair Kirkbride, Executive Director of Carplus, welcoming the announcement.

This programme will fund several projects which will ‘join up’ car clubs and increase their reach, for example:

- Extending the Newcastle car club into communities across the north east

- Adding car club cars across Derbyshire with NHS and local authority partners to complement the new car club in Derby

- Integrating car clubs in new housing developments around the Newbury Racecourse whilst launching a car club in central Newbury.

Full press release.


Carplus electric bike sharing programme announced

The Department for Transport has also made £700k of funding available to cities, rural areas and tourism hotspots to develop shared electric bike networks. The e-bikes programme will be managed by Carplus.

E-Bike Sharing

It will focus on targeting which types of journeys can be shifted to e-bikes, who is most likely to use them and in what context – such as shared hire networks in cities, incorporation into car club networks or community led shared e-bike pools. As such, Carplus will be inviting bids into this funding programme from any of the following or combinations of the following:

- Local Authorities

- Community groups or networks

- E-bike or bike hire operators

- Car club operators

- Other transport operators

- Other organisations relevant to the aims; these might include social housing providers or Public Health trusts.

We will publish the bidding criteria and timescales for this funding by 10th April 2015.

If you would like to receive further information about this programme please email and we will add you to the circulation list.


Scottish Shared Transport Conference


The Scottish Shared Transport Conference, 25 February 2015, was an exciting opportunity to share news and developments across the shared transport sector. With speakers from walking, cycling, lift sharing, e-bikes, public transport organisations and local authorities, there were lots of exciting case studies and forward looking plans for discussion.

Presentations are available on our website.


Carplus Annual Conference 2015 - Thursday 30th April 2015

National Railway Museum, York

The Carplus annual conference will launch the Carplus Annual Survey, the only national, credible research into the car club sector. It sets out the demonstrable benefits of car clubs and shared mobility in carbon reduction, increased use of public transport, improved air quality, reduced congestion and improved access to transport – or how shared transport improves quality of life and quality of places.

This year, speakers from a variety of sectors – including Virgin Trains East Coast, Ford, Transport for London and Steer Davies Gleave, will focus on the profiles of car club members, and build on this to explore from a variety of perspectives the future users of shared transport, and how we are re-thinking how shared transport fits into peoples’ lifestyles.

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Supported by the Department for Transport and

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