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Shared mobility news December 2014

Welcome to the latest edition of Shared Mobility News!

Find out what’s happening in the world of car clubs. You’ll also find links to latest recommended reads and details on upcoming events.

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Carplus Annual Forum

‘We cannot build our way out of congestion’

Keynote speaker, former Chief Scientist at the Department of Transport and author of ‘Peak Car: The future of Travel’, Professor David Metz, spoke about travel trends and car use over the last 40 years at the Carplus Annual Forum. He examined the concept of ‘peak car’ and changes to car ownership patterns which set a broad context for the role of car clubs.

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DriveNow launches in London

Exciting news as DriveNow launches in London. Carplus Executive Director, Alistair Kirkbride, welcomed the move saying:

“After seeing the benefits and popularity of DriveNow in Germany and North America, we’re looking forward to seeing how it opens up new markets for shared transport in the UK.”

News coverage and short video here.


Car Club Development Programme Awards in full


Four Demonstration Project awards were made to larger projects, with an award for a new car club, one to expand an existing car club and two awards to facilitate the integration between car clubs and public and shared transport.

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New focus on the shared economy

This month saw the publication of a review of the emerging ‘sharing economy’.

This is basically all about people renting, borrowing or swapping goods and services that they would have previously owned, and often would have spent most of the time languishing unused. The review was undertaken by Debbie Wosskow, the founder of for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

This is great news for shared transport as it’s one of its best established parts of this sector, and we are able to point to success, best practice and robust evidence. With our members, we were also well placed to provide well informed recommendations for what would need to be done to remove barriers to wider adoption of shared transport leading to larger scale benefits for more people and places.
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EST Grey fleet review

The Energy Saving Trust is offering free, impartial advice to help tackle grey fleet issues

Employees driving their own cars for business reasons ( ‘grey fleet’) comes with a high price tag and a risk for businesses that can escape undetected as often no one is directly responsible for managing it. There are about four million grey fleet cars in the UK – more than three times the number of company cars. With mileage payments costing 45 pence per mile, finding alternatives to grey fleet can result in significant savings.
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Smarter Choices, Smarter Places offers funding for Scottish car clubs

The Scottish Government’s Smarter Choices, Smarter Places fund is now open for local authority projects which promote behaviour change.

The deadline for this non-competitive fund is 30 January 2015, and support for a local car club or car share programme is eligible for inclusion. Up to 25% of the match-funding can be an in-kind contribution, such as the donation of new council vehicles to form part of the car club fleet.

More information can be found in the Carplus ‘Benefits of Car Clubs for Local Authorities’ briefing or contact for more information.

The Smarter Choices, Smarter Places fund is administered by Paths for All.


Carplus Annual Survey

The Carplus Annual Survey 2014/15 has been launched with the support of the car club operators and is available for completion by car club members until January 5th 2015.

Full copies of the Annual Survey reports will be published in three versions (for London, Scotland and England outside of London) in April 2015 and will be available publicly on our website.

Previous versions of the Carplus Annual Survey are currently available to view on our website here.


Scottish EVs

Electric vehicle announcement triples the number of zero emission cars in the Scottish car club fleet

Electric vehicle

Carplus is delighted to announce that the number of electric vehicles to the car club fleet in Scotland will grow to 73 by the end April 2015.

Scotland is leading the way in providing convenient and affordable access to electric vehicles through pay-as-you-drive car clubs. Funding from Transport Scotland has facilitated the introduction of an additional 58 new electric car club vehicles.

This substantial number of new vehicles means that there will be more electric car club vehicles in Scotland than the rest of the UK combined.


Shared Transport Cymru

Carplus is undertaking work on the development of car clubs in Wales for the Commission for Climate Change Wales. This includes a survey of successful car clubs in Wales, and a workshop in Cardiff for local authorities.

We’ll be surveying potential partners to find out the level of interest and areas for future work.

The report will be published in the new year.


Bolloré gain Carplus Accreditation

Bolloré, the French company behind the Autolib car hire scheme in Paris, has this month been awarded Carplus accreditation. This is a first step in developing a similar scheme in London.

The company plans to provide 3,000 electric rental cars in London. Drivers will be able to hire the Bluecars, dubbed the ‘Boris cars’, and drop them off at any one of thousands of charging points in the Source London system- a city wide electric vehicle charging network.

In addition to the cars, Bolloré are to add thousands more charging points, having won the contract from Transport for London (TfL) to upgrade and extend the electric charging network.


Save the date: Scottish Shared Transport Conference

25 February 2015, City Halls, Glasgow

New ScotRail franchise operators Abellio are the headline sponsor for next year’s Scottish Shared Transport Conference taking place in Glasgow on 25th February.

The whole day event includes speakers from car club operators in Scotland – City Car Club, Co-wheels and E-car – as well as lift-sharing and bike hire schemes, which all contribute to increasing the range of travel options available to businesses and individuals.

The latest figures from Scotland show that each car club vehicle replaces 12 private cars, is shared by up to 30 individuals who on average drive 19% fewer miles per year than the average Scottish driver in vehicles which are far less polluting. So car clubs contribute to many of the government’s targets for reducing congestion and emissions and improving health.


Save the date: Forum 24 - Shared transport in London

Tues 17th February 2015 12:00 – 17:00, Transport for London, Palestra

This Forum will look at issues and developments in shared transport in London. Free for all Carplus members and Borough Officers. The detailed agenda is being developed and will be published on our website shortly.


NHS Sustainability Day

The NHS Sustainability Day Campaign aims to support the healthcare sector deliver both carbon and financial savings via the delivery of information, guidance and support.

Via regional roadshows and national website, the campaign can help NHS Professionals to deliver change from the bottom to the top. A roadshow event on 5 February is going to look at travel.

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