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Shared mobility news December 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of Shared Mobility News!

Find out what’s happening in the world of shared transport. You’ll also find links to latest recommended reads and details on upcoming events.

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E-Car Club launch with Minister in Stirling

Humza Yousaf, Minister for Transport and the Islands launched 8 self-service cars in Stirling on 2nd November. It will be run by E-Car Club, a subsidiary of Europcar, with funding support from Carplus, provided through the Transport Scotland funded Developing Car Clubs in Scotland programme.

E-car Launch_05

There are plans to expand operations with fully-electric vehicles in the New Year.

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Plymouth railway station launches smart lock scheme

Smart lock bike sharing has arrived in the city centre at outside both the railway station and the Greedy Pig restaurant in the city centre. The Air Donkey technology enables booking and unlocking of bikes via an app, prices start at £6 for 2 hours.


The event was attended by Sara Rogers and Mark Chorley, Great Western Railay, Ian Bowyer, Plymouth City Council and Oliver Colvile, MP Plymouth Sutton & Devonport.

Plymouth Bike Hire are operating the scheme, they also offer electric bike share from their Coypool Park and Ride site through the Shared Electric Bike Programme, managed by Bikeplus and funded by Department for Transport.


Co-wheels named Car Club of the Year

Co-wheels has been named Car Club of the Year at GreenFleet Awards 2016 ceremony after a year of expansion and growth.

co-wheels awards

The car club fleet now totals 550 shared cars and van with new car club locations in Glasgow, Derby, and the Isle of Wight.

Co-wheels is working as a delivery partner for Bristol City Council’s EU Horizon 2020 funded REPLICATE programme to deliver 36 electric bikes and 6 electric vehicles are planned for Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill areas. This expands from the Shared Electric Bike Programme workplace bike share project funded by the Department for Transport and managed by Bikeplus.


Europcar UK improves mobility options in the Highlands & Islands

Europcar UK has launched a car club at six airports in the north of Scotland, aiming at improving the visitor experience for both tourists and business users. The scheme, launched on 25th November in partnership with Highlands & Islands Airports Limited, will help tackle the lack of transportation choice for people visiting hard-to-access communities in Scotland.

Read the full article on Carplus.


Automobile manufacturers latest experiments in shared mobility and autonomous vehicles

Nissan, BMW, ReachNow, Mercedes-Benz and VW have all featured trials with different mobility products including autonomous vehicles, car sharing, taxi-pooling and 2+ car sharing.

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Manchester support bike share 'in principle'

Transport for Greater Manchester have been investigating bike share for the city and have agreed in principle to support a scheme.

Councillor Harkin said: ‘Cycle hire can be an accessible, affordable and sustainable part of a city’s or region’s public transport network. It can bring significant benefits to communities, improving health, reducing congestion and harmful emissions and supporting long-term, sustainable economic growth.’

Read the full article on Manchester Evening News.


Derry Council investigates on-street bikes

Derry City and Strabane District Council are exploring the possibility of an on-street public bike share scheme for the city and region.

Sustrans Area Manager, Ross McGill, said such schemes have proven particularly popular with the public in other parts of Ireland.

‘Belfast, Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Cork already have schemes in place that have proven successful, serving a wide variety of users including residents, commuters, visitors and tourists. In many cities bike share helps solve the ‘first and last mile’ connectivity issues with people’s journeys.”

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Marrakech lands Africa's first bike share scheme

300 bikes have arrived at 10 stations in the Moroccan city. The supplier Smoove and local operator Estates Vision are searching for a funding partnership for the Medina Bike share. The scheme has been initially supported by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

The scheme was launched to coincide with the COP22 conference. Is the scheme affordable to local citizens at equivalent of $5 a day?


Vancouver bike share secures partnership

Shaw Communications, an internet provider, have announced a deal to partner to support the Vancouver bike share scheme supplied by Smoove.

The 1,500 bikes at 150 stations have been re-branded and the partnership plans to connect users particularly tourists with Wifi at the bike share stations.

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Carplus Bikeplus AGM

Carplus Bikeplus held its 2016 AGM on 5th December in London.

Kathrine Sissons joined the board as Treasurer, Nathan Kaczmarski was confirmed as a board member. John Condon and Vinay Gupta were re-elected. Sian Berry resigned to focus on responsibilities as London Assembly Member.

An exercise involved members being consulted on branding and changing the organisation’s name.

View the AGM 2016 Presentation Slides to see an overview of Carplus Bikeplus Programmes and branding presentation.


NABSA, Velocitta & POLIS bike share conferences

Bikeplus attended the North American Bike Share Association (NABSA) in Austin, Texas and Velocitta conferences in Rotterdam to learn from the best in international bike share best practice.

NABSA was a great opportunity to learn sector innovations such as pricing models, electric bikes and equity schemes. Download the NABSA Conference 2016 notes and NABSA Bikeplus presentation.

Velocitta summarised research findings from different projects and engaged European politicians to sign pledges to bike sharing including Councillor Harkin from Manchester and Councillor Brathwaite from Lambeth. Read the POLIS Velocitta notes.


'Bike share: reaching people who could cycle, but don’t' Alistair Kirkbride writes in Local Transport Today

The bicycle is an incredible invention. It’s a social leveller, the second cheapest mode (after walking), leads to healthier people and cuts congestion and emissions. There are also still far more bikes in the world than cars. Rather than being displaced by the internal combustion engine, the humble bike is busy reinventing itself as an increasingly important component of future travel and future lifestyles.


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How sharing makes places better, Better Places Conference

Alistair Kirkbride, speaking today at the Better Places Conference, described how car clubs and shared transport can improve the street scene.

In his presentation, Alistair outlined the impact of cars on our lives – and the effect that planning to accommodate vehicles has on streets and communities. Parking spaces take up land which could be put to other uses. The car disrupts communities, affects air quality and reduces the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.


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Policy priorities for transport in Scotland conference

Prior to the National Transport Strategy review, delegates will discuss the progress of the Scottish Government 14th December, Glasgow.

Susan Jeynes, Carplus Bikeplus will be presenting on the role of car clubs alongside keynote speaker Humza Yousaf MSP, Minister for Transport and the Islands.

Book and find out more on Scottish Policy Conferences.


Act Travelwise Annual Conference & AGM

Titled ‘Sustainable Travel in a Changing World’, the ACT Travelwise event on 14th January is being held at Macdonald Burlington Hotel, Birmingham.

Speakers include George Monbiot, Robert Llewellyn, Alistair Kirkbride and Antonia Roberts, Carplus Bikeplus, Jillian Anable, University of Leeds, Martin Higgitt, SYSTRA and Marian Marsh, Reading Borough Council.

Register and find out more on Act Travelwise.

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