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Shared mobility news May 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of Shared Mobility News!

Find out what’s happening in the world of shared transport. You’ll also find links to latest recommended reads and details on upcoming events.

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Savvy car club members drove 100 million miles less in 2015 - more than the distance from the earth to the sun!

The Carplus Annual Survey published on 28th April showed the massive positive impact of joining a car club. On joining a car club, members reduce their annual mileage by an average of 750 miles. There are 186,000 car club members in London, using 2,800 cars. The total reduced mileage for car club members in the capital alone is over 100 million miles.


Each car club car replaces over 10 privately owned vehicles, freeing up space on congested streets. That means that there are 25,000 fewer cars on London’s roads as a result of car club members selling private vehicles, collectively they would cover 50 football pitches.

Car club use is growing outside London as well, there are over 220,000 car club members with over 3,800 vehicles across the UK. These car club vehicles are cleaner and greener than the average car in the national fleet – emitting 30% less CO2.

This is the first year that flexible (one-way) members have been included in the survey and the results demonstrate the increasing impact of car clubs on the decision of members to sell a car (or defer planned purchase of a vehicle).

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Scottish car club membership grows making cleaner driving accessible and affordable

The Carplus Annual Survey of Scotland, published 28th April, showed that car club membership in Scotland grew by nearly 20% to 9,000 members, using 324 cars.

Car clubs in Scotland have been at the forefront of introducing newer, cleaner and greener technology to Scottish drivers.

In general, Scottish car club members are early adopters, over 90% have smartphones and over 25% of them access transport apps on a daily basis. They are interested in driving electric vehicles.

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Developing Car Clubs in England Programme concludes

Since 2014, the Developing Car Clubs in England (DCCE) Programme has launched or expanded a variety of projects, from village car clubs to integration of car clubs travel into complex urban transport systems. The Department for Transport funded part of the Programme finished in March 2016 and a full report will be available later this year.


The projects have shown impressive benefits to their local communities which are projected to increase over time. Some of the key outputs from the programme are as follows:

- 15 new car clubs created;

- 43 more communities that now have access to a car club as a result of the programme;

- 142 car club cars added to the network;

- 28 electric vehicles added to the car club fleet;

- 3850 new members added to the car club network; and

- 1412 cars sold by car club members.

Click here for Further information on the projects funded through the DCCE Programme can be found on the Carplus website.

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New report: Car clubs in low car and car free developments

Carplus, in partnership with University of the West of England and Redrow Homes, has produced a report “Car Clubs in Developments” showing how the growing trend of car clubs in new developments can bring forward land for development in locations which otherwise might not have been commercially viable.

The inclusion of a car club can expand opportunities for developers, working to reduce parking requirements where planning restrictions have been placed on car ownership, optimising land use and making developments viable in areas of parking pressure.

Launching the report at the National Planning Summit, Kate Gifford, Assistant Director, Carplus, said:

“One car club vehicle replaces as many as ten privately owned vehicles, freeing up space whilst allowing people to have access to a car alongside public transport, walking and cycling.

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Eight new Bike & Go railway station hubs in Scotland

Abellio ScotRail fufilled their franchise commitment to launch bike sharing schemes at 10 railway stations in Scotland with new locations; Aberdeen, Perth, Stirling and Dundee. These have been added to Edinburgh Haymarket and Stirling Stations, both of which opened in 2015.


The picture above shows the Mobility Station’ at Glasgow Central station where bikes can be collected and shuttle bus links can be arranged.


Pedal on Parliament 2016

2016’s annual Pedal on Parliament event saw thousands of everyday cyclists campaign for greater investment in active travel, running up to the Scottish Parliamentary elections. The short ride from The Meadows to Holyrood in Edinburgh attracted a mass of all ability cyclists calling for 10% of the Scottish Government’s transport budget to be invested in active travel.

Party leaders Kezia Dugdale (Labour), Willie Rennie (Lib Dems) and Patrick Harvie (Greens) took part, along with Derek Mackay (SNP). Both Labour and the Green Party committed to working towards 10% of the transport budget being allocated to active travel to meet that target.

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Cardiff plans a bike share relaunch

The Welsh capital has plans to offer a public on-street docking bike share system at public transport hubs. The City Council’s phased opening will start with 250 bikes at 25 stations with more ambitious plans to increasing up to 500 bikes in a second wave. The procurement of the system will develop a business model designed to attract sponsorship.


Belfast Bikes celebrates first birthday

191,000 journeys have been made on the city’s bike share scheme in its first year operation. The system operated by consultancy NSL, supplied by Nextbike and sponsored by Coca-Cola Zero boasts 3,500 annual members.


Danish electric bike study success

A travel behaviour trial of electric bikes (ebikes) by the Danish Cycling Embassy in 9 villages surrounding the Danish town of Randers has reported increased levels of cycling.

Results from the trial offering free use:

- 21% of participants have gone on to buy an ebike, underlining the importance of try-before-you-buy in the ebike market

- 11% of participants choose to replace their previous car journey commute with an ebike

- 45% of participants bike more after the trial

75% of participants were female.

The study concludes that electric bikes are appropriate for dispersed small and medium sized towns and villages where the distance may be perceived to be too far by conventional bike.


What is a velomobile?

A cross bred cycle and electric car rolling on four wheels, are they the future of shared mobility? German based Schaeffler (pictured below) and Vancouver based VeloMetro have separately designed an electrically assisted weather protected mobility solution to tackle air quality issues and reliance on fossil fuelled vehicles.


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Manchester Mobility-as-a-Service

The TravelSpirit partnership seeks to establish a MAAS (Mobility-as-a-Service).

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has joined with partners, including Manchester Metropolitan University, the Department for Transport, Satellite Applications Catapult, BT, Accenture, Tech North and The Institution of Engineering & Technology to imagine and develop the open-source architecture.

The ‘seamless’ and ‘integrated’ vision will create a combine planning and booking platform for e-hailing taxis, 2+ car sharing and in anticipation of self-driving cars.


Fuel cell car share launches in Germany

BeeZero is launching in Munich with 50 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell Vehicles. The shared hydrogen powered Hyundais can travel over 370 miles and will be booked online or via an app.

Following an initial trial in 2015, Co-wheels now have two Hyundai ix35 SUVs as part of their Aberdeen fleet. They are currently used by council employees and will be trialled with other businesses later this year before being added to the public fleet in 2017.


Matcha partner with YourParkingSpace to expand network

A corporate car sharing partnership of Matcha by Ubeeqo and will expand its network of sites across London and the UK. Ubeeqo and Matcha are owned by Europcar offer a range of mobility services.

YourParkingSpace will identify new parking spaces for Matcha’s cars, customers of the parking app will benefit from exclusive discounts with Ubeeqo. Future plans include integrating the respective apps.

‘It really makes no sense at all for someone living in a major town or city, such as London, to own a car any longer,’ Benoit Chatelier commented, founder and CEO of Ubeeqo.

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Staff changes at Carplus Bikeplus

We warmly welcome Philip Igoe who starts this May as our new Finance Manager. Philip brings experience as a chartered accountant and is a previous Co-director of Carplus. It’s also sad to say goodbye to Nick Munton and Tom O’Donovan.

We wish Nick a happy retirement and are jealous of his travel plans for the summer. Congratulations to Tom; following the end of the DCCE Programme, he is moving on to be a Communities Manager at Groundwork.


Scottish car club programme receives funding

We are pleased to announce that Carplus has been awarded £400k by Transport Scotland for the Developing Car Clubs in Scotland programme in 2016-17. This funding will allow us to continue our work to support existing car clubs and help expand the network of car clubs across the country.

The funding will focus on developing opportunities for car clubs in Scotland’s cities and larger towns. It will also continue to gather an evidence base on the impacts of car clubs and promote best practice across the sector.


Nathan Kaczmarski joins the board

Carplus Bikeplus welcomes Nathan to the board, he brings valuable experience of sustainable transport in Scotland as Senior Communications Officer at Cycling Scotland as well as previous experience of car club development in London.


Bikeplus at Cycle City

The annual Cycle City Conference in Leicester will take place at the Curve Theatre on 19-20th May 2016.

There are two separate streamed sessions, Bikeplus Manager Antonia Roberts will be presenting with Sally Cairns from UCL on the potential for electric bikes and early findings from the Shared Electric Bike Programme at 14:15 on the Thursday.

This is followed by a bike sharing specific session with a presentation on the evidence for the benefits of bike sharing at 16:30 on the same day.

A4 Portrait

The Health streamed session will involve the Cycle Boom research project presenting evidence on the health benefits of electric bikes.

Click here to see the full programme of speakers including talks from Chris Boardman, Robert Goodwill MP, Minister for Transport, Carlton Reid, Rachel Aldred, Hannah May and Carplus board member Martin Higgitt.


Walking, Cycling, Connecting Communities Scotland event

Carplus will have a stall at Walking, Cycling, Connecting Communities – Scotland’s Active Travel conference in Edinburgh on 14 June to highlight the many ways in which car clubs enhance investment in walking and cycling infrastructure by enabling more people to give up their cars and make more sustainable travel choices for day to day journeys.

Click here to attend and find out more.

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