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Shared mobility news November 2013

Welcome to the latest edition of Shared Mobility News!

Find out what’s happening in the world of car clubs.

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New Transport Minister signals support for car clubs

Baroness Susan Kramer, the new transport minister signalled her support for car clubs at the launch of E-Car in Tower Hamlets last week, ‘Pay-as-you-go car clubs don’t just help us improve air quality, reduce traffic noise and cut carbon, they also give Londoners more choice about the journeys they take, reduce the cost of transport to individuals and businesses and promote more efficient use of cars’.

Carplus looks forward to meeting with Baroness Kramer to explore ways to maximize the contribution car clubs – including those using EVs – make to cutting carbon, improving air quality and reducing traffic noise. The E-Car Club launch will be covered more fully in the December issue of Shared Mobility News.


Roads Policy In London – an opinion piece by Dr Scott Le Vine (Carplus board member)

Roads Policy in London – Conclusions of the Roads Task Force

Recognising that pressures on London’s roads are building, Mayor Boris Johnson appointed a Roads Task Force of outside experts late last year, which launched its recommendations in July. Much attention settled on the recommendations for new capacity – think asphalt and concrete – but it did make other recommendations that are of key interest to the New Mobility agenda.

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Croydon Council halves employee car usage with Zipcar

Zipcar and Croydon City Council, one of London’s largest boroughs, announced in August a partnership agreement to provide a car club service to council employees following the success of a pilot scheme.

Zipcar said the scheme resulted in a reduction in Croydon Council employee car users by more than half (52%).

‘This is a great example of how councils and the private sector can work really well together to provide innovative services that benefit both the council itself and local residents, all while saving the taxpayers money,’ commented Zipcar.


Driving Innovation forum in Manchester on Car Clubs and Business Travel

More than 50 transport professionals gathered in Manchester on October 3 for the Carplus’ North of England Forum to share experiences and hear how car clubs are driving innovation in business travel, working with local authorities and employers.

Delegates heard how City of York Council’s move to block book City Car Club cars for its staff had helped support expansion of the car club in York. James Williams of the council said his analysis showed mileage travelled by council staff would decrease by around 25 per cent in 2013, compared to 2012, thanks in part to car club pool cars.

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Aberdeen plugs into EVs

On the 3rd September the not-for-profit car club operator Co-wheels celebrated an electric vehicle milestone in Aberdeen with the launch of 4 new shared electric vehicles (EVs). These new EVs complement the existing fleet of conventionally fuelled vehicles in this fast growing car club and were launched alongside 17 new public EV charging points across the city.

The EVs were provided with support from the Developing Car Clubs in Scotland (DCCS) programme which is managed by Carplus and the new EV charging infrastructure was provided by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), both initiatives are funded by Transport Scotland.


Supermodals campaign shows off sustainable transport

A new nationwide photo competition encouraging young people to show off their use of sustainable transport and celebrate their status as Supermodals is in full flow.

A growing body of evidence suggests young people are delaying the age at which they begin car use. The Supermodals campaign aims to reinforce this shift away from single occupancy vehicle (SOV) car journeys and further normalise this behaviour among 18 – 35 year olds.

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Launch of wheel-chair accessible vehicle is a first in Scotland

The not-for-profit car club operator Co-Wheels launched last month what may be the first wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) operated by a car club in the UK.

The WAV is based in Co-Wheel’s rapidly growing car club in Aberdeen and was made possible by technical and financial assistance support provided by Carplus through the Transport Scotland funded Developing Car Clubs in Scotland (DCCS) programme.

WAVs have the potential to create greater flexibility within a car club and felt to enhance its inclusivity. Pierre Fox from Co-Wheels was even a guest on Radio 4’s ‘You and Yours’ programme to explain the benefits of WAV.

If the wheelchair accessible vehicle proves popular, Carplus will look for other opportunities to introduce similar vehicles into car clubs.

Click here for more information on the WAV.


Scottish members promote car club benefits on film

Three short films featuring City Car Club and Co-Wheels members promoting the benefits of car club membership in their own words are now up on Youtube.

These films were commissioned to support the Developing Car Clubs in Scotland (DCCS) programme with funding from Transport Scotland. The videos feature City Car Club and Co-wheels members talking about the benefits of car club membership in their own words. The focus is primarily on urban areas in Scotland but they may be a useful promotional tool for all car clubs, or just interesting viewing if you’re interested in car clubs.

Click here to watch and enjoy the video.

Please feel free to make use of this link when promoting your own car club, if you have one, or when identifying the potential benefits for car club membership to members of the public and employers in your area.


New headquarters in Leeds

Carplus moved to their new office at the Round Foundry Media Centre at the start of August. The new address and phone number are: Carplus, Round Foundry Media Centre, Foundry Street, Leeds, LS11 5QP; telephone – 0113 394 4590. Please update your records with the new details and perhaps even pop in to say hello!


Newport Electric Car Club

Newport City Council is exploring the potential benefits of adopting a new approach to business travel and has asked a team led by Carplus to prepare detailed proposals to secure funding.

The council is considering a plan to use a pool of electric vehicles (and initially some low emission vehicles) for its own business travel, which would also be available for use by other employers in the city.

The plan includes dedicated parking and recharging for shared EVs in the centre and at a few strategic points in the borough where employees and residents would collect and return them.

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Carplus Annual Survey

We are pleased to say work has already begun to develop the Carplus Annual Survey for 2013/14 which will go live during the first week of November 2013. We don’t currently have any plans to make any major changes but if you have any comments on last year’s survey which you would like to share with us, please contact Kate Gifford by emailing


Bursaries for Urban Mobility Conference (preceding Carplus AGM)

‘Urban Mobility & Alternatives to Car Ownership’ will be held in parallel with ‘Parking World’ at the Kia Oval on November 13. This year it will feature an afternoon of presentations developed by Carplus entitled ‘A sustainable role for cars in cities’.

Presentations will include Transport for London on the new ‘car lite’ approach and how to ‘ration’ parking to encourage smart travel choices. Carplus will present its review of 2012-13 and hold its AGM at a fringe meeting after the conference.

Bursaries from DriveNow – BMW’s initiative on point-to-point car sharing – mean Carplus members, representatives of London boroughs and voluntary sector delegates can also attend the afternoon session for free. To apply for a bursary or pre-book for the Carplus AGM, please visit the Carplus website here.

To book directly for the whole Urban Mobility event, please book on the Transport Xtra website here.


UITP shared mobility workshop in Paris, 2nd December

Interconnecting public transport with other sustainable modes – who will be the service integrator?

Come and learn at the 4th Combined Mobility Workshop what new mobility services emerge, how to integrate sustainable modes into the public transport service portfolio and how to market the total offer.

Join us in Paris and participate in an interactive debate about who will be the service integrator and be the one face towards customers regarding mobility services.
French English interpreting available!

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