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Shared mobility news October 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of Shared Mobility News!

Find out what’s happening in the world of shared transport. You’ll also find links to latest recommended reads and details on upcoming events.

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Shared Transport Conference Scotland

The Shared Transport Conference held in Glasgow on 20th September, showcased case studies demonstrating how sustainable mobility is developing, as well as describing best practice. Delegates also participated in an interactive session prioritising space and shared transport in town centres.

Shared mobility conference scotland3

A varied selection of speakers gave detailed presentations about case studies, including:

- Developing the MCard to become the first mobility card incorporating payment for public transport and car club use.

- Integrating car club electric Twizy vehicles with visitor accommodation and travel patterns in the Lake District to reduce visitors’ carbon footprint and emissions.

- Reducing car ownership in developments in Edinburgh by introducing shared transport at the planning stage through Section 75 agreements.

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Reading EasyGo multimodal scheme is ready to go!

The New EasyGo card links car club vehicles, bike share and public transport supported by a sustainable travel incentive scheme.


Reading Borough Council was awarded £48,800 funding as part of the Carplus Developing Car Clubs in England Programme, funded by the Department for Transport. This funding was seen as the start of a future wider scheme to provide a series of multimodal hubs on the ground connecting all modes of transport including shared transport.

The projects is a collaboration between Reading Borough Council, Co-wheels car club, Hourbike, Better Points and Reading Buses using the ITSO card.

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Inaugural UK Bike Share Conference

The first ever UK bike sharing conference was hosted by Bikeplus in Oxford on 4-5th October, the two day event combined presentations, panels and workshops for the sector with a review of the Shared Electric Bike Programme.


Headline speaker Lucy Yu called for better integration of bike share with the approaching arrival of Mobility as a Service platforms. Kristen Camareno from NABSA shared her US bike share experience.

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Zipcar now includes Zipbike on 15 American campuses

Zipcar will launch Zipbike in collaboration with bike share company Zagster to open bike share networks on 15 college campuses across America in January. Students and faculty will have access to cars and bicycles with a single membership.


Zagster chief executive Timothy Ericson said: ‘Every university that has car share today will have bike share in the next five years.’


Ford sponsors bike sharing in San Francisco

Motor manufacturer Ford has invested in San Francisco’s shared mobility market by launching Ford GoBike and taking over a private shuttle company Chariot.

Image 28-09-2016 at 13.09

San Francisco’s bike share will expand from 700 to 7,000 bikes by 2018, the roll out of the Ford sponsored livery will start in spring 2017.

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Liftshare grows to over 2,000 users at Heathrow

Heathrow Airport is now one of Liftshare’s largest 2+ car sharing schemes, with over 2,200 colleagues making journeys together on a daily basis.

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More Zoe EVs for ECar

ECar members will be seeing a lot more Zoes in their expanded fleet.

Chris Morris, managing director and co-founder of E-Car Club, said: ‘We are delighted to add to our existing fleet of Renault ZOE; a very popular choice amongst E-Car members. This acquisition of vehicles will help support our forthcoming expansions, particularly in Scotland, where we have significant deployment plans within the next six months’

The fleet expansion is the part of parent company Europcar’s purchase of 55 Renault Zoes, some of which will be used to support Europcar’s rental operations.


Lynn Sloman appointed to board of Transport for London

Dr. Lynn Sloman, author of 2006 book ‘Car Sick’, has been appointed to the board of Transport for London. She was formerly a board member of Cycling England and is currently chair of Campaign for Better Transport.

Sloman’s appointment has been welcomed by transport activists. The Green Party’s Sian Berry tweeted: ‘This is brilliant news for London, someone who knows how to shift travel to walking, cycling, buses.’


Active travel initiatives achieves 20% drop in car use at business park

Measures designed to encourage active travel at the Quorum Business Park on the outskirts of Newcastle have resulted in a 20% drop in car use since 2008, a travel survey of businesses has revealed.

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Dublinbikes integrated with Ireland’s LEAP card

Ireland’s residents now have integrated access to the Coca-Cola sponsored Dublinbikes through the city’s LEAP travel card, removing the need for multiple travel cards when using the bike share scheme.

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Didi Chuxing invests in Chinese bike sharing

Didi Chuxing, Chinese Uber equivalent, has invested in in the country’s largest bicycle-sharing platform.

Read the original article on Reuters.


Wocomoco: How can we expand the market for shared transport?

Carplus Bikeplus Director Alistair Kirkbride spoke at Wocomoco, in Warsaw, 7th September 2016, in a session titled New co-mobility services: How to expand the customer base? The session covered some of the trends in shared – or ‘co’ – mobility services – and how to move beyond the traditional core take up.

Wocomoco is the international platform for innovative mobility solutions, covering the sharing of vehicles, rides and infrastructure.


Speaking about his presentation, Alistair Kirkbride said:

We are increasingly good at defining the people who use car clubs, car sharing and bike share services. New services are often targeted at areas with high numbers of these types of people.

The question I would like to ask in this session is how can we expand on this group beyond these defined profiles.

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New Guidance for Local Authorities Developing Bike Share Schemes

Bikeplus launched new guidance to help towns and cities set up successful bike share schemes at the first UK Bike Share Conference.

The guidance takes all the best experience from the UK and overseas covering all aspects of procurement and scheme implementation. Local authorities can find information on management models, funding sources, design specification and mobilisation.

Download the Bike Share Procurement Guidance


Carplus Bikeplus AGM & CTA Westminster Conference

This year the Carplus AGM will be held alongside the Community Transport Association’s Westminster Conference.

The AGM will run between 16:30 and 17:30, is free of charge to Carplus members and all are welcome.

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First European Bike Sharing Conference

The VeloCittà conference keynote speaker include North American Bike Sharing Association’s (NABSA) Nicole Freedman and’s Jim Moore. The event is being held in Rotterdam on 30th November alongside the POLIS conference.

VeloCittà is a bike share demonstration project of five Euiopean cities co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Commission.

View the Programme and find out more on the VeloCitta site.


Technical Event for London borough officers

Carplus are hosting a Technical Event for London borough officers on 1st November.

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Try 2+ car sharing during Liftshare Week: 3-9 October

Drivers and car passengers are being urged to ‘give it a go’ by Liftshare during their the annual ‘Liftshare week’ (3-9th October) to promote the benefits of 2+ car sharing. The company is looking to expand on its base by welcoming new people to all things 2+ car sharing.

Liftshare founder and managing director, Ali Clabburn said: ‘There has never been a better time to try 2+ car sharing to work. There are more people offering and seeking lifts than ever before and so you have a great chance of finding a perfect match.

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