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Shared mobility news September 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of Shared Mobility News!

Find out what’s happening in the world of car clubs and shared transport. You’ll also find links to latest recommended reads and details on upcoming events.

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Glasgow: All change as Co-wheels launches 32 car fleet

Co Wheels Glasgow

Iconic STV weatherman Sean Batty was the first to take the wheel of one of a fleet of 32 cars unveiled ahead of the launch of Co-wheels Car Club in Glasgow.

The new Co-wheels fleet comprises Toyota Yaris hybrid vehicles, low emission Toyota Aygos, seven seater Toyota Versos and 2 Toyota Pro Ace vans into Glasgow city centre, the West End, East End and South Side of the city. With additional bays being planned, and further car deployments likely, the Co-wheels Glasgow car club is set to expand in the year ahead.

Sean commented:

What an amazing experience – it’s the first hybrid car I’ve ever driven so it was a bit of an adventure for me, but I’ve already taken in some key sights across the city and I can really see how this will come in handy for quickly nipping across town for the messages, or even wee day out at a nearby visitor attraction

Glasgow members of City Car Club have been offered free membership and £10 free driving credit as a sign-up incentive to welcome them to Co-wheels.

Whilst councils have changed car club operator before – notably City Car Club replaced Zipcar on-street in the Royal Borough of Greenwich earlier this year – this is the first change of operator on a city-wide scale.

City Car Club will remain in the city, moving its vehicles into off-street bays to provide continuity for existing members – and is also offering members free renewal and improved pricing on Glasgow vehicles.

Co-wheels is now the approved partner for on-street car club provision. Their additional vehicles mean that there is increased choice for Glasgow residents and businesses.

The growing number of multi-operator environments indicates a strong demand for car club cars and shows how the car club sector is maturing as it expands.


Derby car club launch

Co-wheels wins contract for new Car Club operation in Derby

Derby City Council has announced the launch of its new car club in partnership with Co-wheels.
The new car cub cars will be available to book from the 8th September 2015 and will give members access to 10 low and ultra-low emission vehicles across Derby city on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis.

The car club, which is a new concept for the city and part of the Derby’s sustainable transport policy, is aimed at both residents and businesses and designed to improve links between key locations and developments in the city, connecting existing and new residential areas with district centres and improving commercial, education and employment opportunities.

The new Co-wheels branded cars will be made up of a mix of fully electric, hybrid, and low emission vehicles. They will be available from dedicated parking bays in Derby at nine locations including the train station, BBC Radio Derby and the Council House.

Welcoming the car club, Councillor Asaf Afzal, Cabinet Member for Cohesion and Integration said:

Derby is already leading the way on the sustainable travel agenda through its Connected programme, and the introduction of the car club will further enhance this by providing more travel options for local residents, businesses and their employees. We have seen how successful car clubs have been in other cities across the country and believe that this scheme will improve access to services and opportunities for people without their own car, as well as helping local people and businesses save money’.

Co-wheels Derby


Car Clubs: Milestones on the road to shared mobility & Carplus AGM

Tuesday 3 November 2015, M Shed Bristol

Car club development in England has reached a significant milestone as projects funded under the Developing Car Clubs in England programme have made progress in launching and expanding car clubs and integrating them into the wider transport networks. At the same time over the past year we have seen larger car club operators consolidated into multi-national businesses with the acquisition of City Car Club by Enterprise and E-car club by Europcar, signalling a shift in the profile of car clubs away from a fringe activity towards recognition as part of the transport landscape.

The projects supported by the Developing Car Clubs England Programme were selected to demonstrate the potential of car clubs to deliver modern integrated transport in urban areas or to explore innovative ways of addressing rural mobility in a sustainable manner. They include small community projects and large schemes integrating urban car clubs with public transport. This conference will provide a forum for projects to share their successes, as well as an opportunity to look at the wider context and analyse the growth of the sector.

Sessions will include integrating community energy and electric vehicles, successful marketing strategies for car clubs in different contexts and creating sustainable business models for community car clubs.
This conference is of particular interest to projects that have received funding in the second round of the DCCE programme, and to local authorities, car club operators and transport providers looking at car clubs as a way of solving congestion, parking and air quality issues in urban and rural contexts.

Book your place now

The Carplus AGM will also be taking place from 10:00am. Please indicate when booking if you intend to also attend the AGM.


Assistant Director Matt Eastwood moving to Energy Saving Trust

Amy_69 After 4 years, Matt Eastwood is moving on to manage the Energy Saving Trust’s transport programme in Scotland.

Matt joined Carplus four years ago and has managed our work in Scotland through a period of rapid and successful growth. He leaves a legacy of a network of car clubs across the country, and a development Programme well focussed to maximise carbon reduction by expanding car clubs across Scotland’s larger towns and cities.

We wish him all the best in his new role.

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