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Shared mobility news Winter 2012

Welcome to the latest edition of Shared Mobility News!

Find out which new shared mobility operator has been spotted in Islington and how ride-sharing partners are hoping to improve the sector. Plus information on car club accreditation renewals, the car club annual survey 2012-13, and the latest developments in Bournemouth and Cornwall. You’ll also find links to latest recommended reads and upcoming events.

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Ride-share Working Group

Following the AGM in October, Carplus has established a new working group on Ride-sharing and 2+. Its inaugural meeting took place in late November and membership includes representatives of Act Travelwise and Ways to Work.

Carplus’ interest in creating standards for the ride-sharing sector is long standing. Plans to develop an accreditation or standards initiative were shelved after the last election as the new government felt it should be an ‘industry’ responsibility. It is hoped the new initiative will lead to a stronger promotion of the 2+ concept and better sector data and clearer standards.

Carplus has published the Terms of Reference of the working group and encourages members and other interested parties to make a contribution to the group. Contributions could be in the form of providing written submissions, making a presentation to the working group or attending the consultation on the draft report proposed for March 2013

For further details, or to offer a contribution or comment, please contact Justine Hart or Chas Ball at Carplus using or call 0113 234 9299.


New operator spotted in Islington

Car-sharing firm car2go says it is bringing ‘the future of urban mobility’ to London by launching in Islington, Sutton and Newham. London is the 17th city served by car2go and the company has more than 6,000 vehicles worldwide.

Backed by Daimler and Europcar, car2go’s fleet of Smart vehicles have been available for one-way journeys since 4th December. Read more »»

car2go in Islington  

Supporting car club development in England

Current work in England includes supporting Bournemouth Borough Council in establishing a car club. This will complement their ambitious programme of improvements to the public transport offer in the conurbation. Carplus has acted as adviser to officers managing the LSTF programme, establishing a ‘critical path’ of actions required to launch a successful scheme and implementing a process of operator selection. Carplus will subsequently assist with the roll out of a 15 car scheme in 2013.

Carplus has also been working to assess the viability of a car club network in Cornwall, initially to be established in two well-connected centres, Falmouth and Truro. A report on this work will appear in the next newsletter.


Accreditation Renewals for 2013/14

Carplus has operated a car club accreditation scheme recognised by Local Authorities and regional and devolved governments across the UK since 2004. Car club accreditation continues to provide a consistent set of standards that can be applied to both new and existing car club operators involved in providing car club services and provides the basis for collecting and publishing sector data.

Having accreditation status can be a distinct advantage to car club operators when submitting tenders. It is increasingly a requirement for local authority procurement and is recognised by other stakeholders. Non-accredited car clubs interested in applying for accreditation status (or to discuss provisional accreditation) can find out more about the process on our web site where you can also download application guidance and forms.

For further information or if you need any advice about renewals or applying for accreditation, please contact Justine Hart, Strategy and Research Manager at


Carplus Annual Survey 2012/13

The 2012 Carplus Annual Survey is now underway and members are being invited through their car club operator to complete an online questionnaire about their car club use over the past 12 months.

As well as the established survey of private members, for the first time the survey will also include corporate members, both users (employees) and administrators (designated member of staff that manages the car club on behalf of their organisation). This will provide an insight into the financial and environmental cost-benefits of corporate membership of a car club as well as the impact on employees’ business and commuting travel choices and work practices.
Read more »»


Car Club Forum 19

The Car Club Forum 19 will be held on Monday 11th February 2013, at the offices of TfL at Palestra, London SE1 (Southwark tube).

The forum will feature a presentation from Zipcar about their experience of operating 10 Vauxhall Amperes, an update from Transport for London on plans for 2013/14,and a round table session on recent developments in London including one-way car-sharing (car2go and DriveNow). There will also be a workshop, led by Chris Endacott (GFleet Services) on the new Energy Savings Trust publication on car clubs and car pools. Chris will expand on some of the case studies in the report and review the ways of overcoming the barriers to getting the ‘b2b’ car club model established with employers.

Attendance is free of charge for Carplus members and representatives of London boroughs. Further information and a booking form are available on the Carplus website.

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