Local Authorities Developing Bike Share Schemes

List of Local Authorities Currently Seeking Bike Share Suppliers.  

updated 19.04.18

Bikeplus has collated a list of local authorities currently developing a bike share scheme for their area. The list is designed to support open transparent competitive procurement processes as well as reducing unnecessary approaches to city authorities. Bikeplus encourages all cities interested in a scheme to provide us with their details for this list


Name of Authority:- Bournemouth Borough Council and the Borough of Poole

Status:-tender submissions due by 14th May 2018”

Contact:- n.phillips@poole.gov.uk


Name of Authority:- Luton Borough Council 

Status:- Open to proposals  until 9th March https://procontract.due-north.com/Login

Contact:- Victoria.jersova@luton.gov.uk



Name of authority: Derry Council and Strabane District Council

Status: ‘Delivery of a Public Bicycle Hire Scheme – TENV18-003’.

Contact details: Request tender documents from tenders@derrystrabane.com


Name of authority: Essex Highways

Status: Currently open to proposals.

Contact details: Kris.Radley@essexhighways.org


Name of authority: Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames 

Status: Currently open to proposals.

Contact details: leigh.gravenor(at)kingston.gov.uk


Name of authority:  London Borough of Lambeth

Status: Interested in developing a bike share scheme – currently preparing a procurement strategy

Contact details: Suzy Harrison sharrison(at)lambeth.gov.uk


Name of authority: Dundee City Council 

Status: Tender now live

Contact details: claire.petrie(at)dundeecity.gov.uk


Name of authority:  Dublin City Council

Status: Dublin City Council Stationless On-Street Bicycle Hire Bye-Laws 2017 to Council Published for applications from 1st Dec 2017.

Contact details: enquire via Bikeplus



Cities beginning this process see Bikeplus Procurement Guidance and Bikeplus Accreditation Criteria 

Transport for London Code of Conduct 

Oxford City Council Code of Conduct