Bike share map

Bikeplus has produced a map of all public access bike sharing schemes in the UK & Ireland displaying the operators and the approximate quantity of bikes.

UK bike share map jan 2018

Two Shared Electric Bike Programme schemes are featured; Exeter and Oxford, the latter will offer a mixed fleet of conventional and electric.

For further detail on London see

Global Bike Share Map




Shared Electric Bike Programme


About bike share


Operators & suppliers


Bike & Go

Brompton Bike Hire

Donkey Republic 

Hourbike  (Bikeplus Accredited)

Intelligent Transport Services (Bikeplus Accredited)

Mobike (Bikeplus Accredited)

Nextbike (Bikeplus Accredited)


Ofo (Bikeplus Accredited)

Ride-on (Provisional Bikeplus Accreditation)

Serco (Bikeplus Accredited)


Social Bicycles


 Urbo (Bikeplus Accredited)