Bike share sector signs up for UK quality standard

Bikeplus, the UK national bike sharing organisation, today published its quality assurance criteria.


Bike share in the UK is evolving rapidly with established schemes in 17 towns and cities. Further schemes are in development and new operators are aiming to enter the market in the coming year.

The Public Bike Share Accreditation Criteria is designed for local authorities and sponsors to evaluate whether operators and suppliers reach agreed standards before being invited to apply for contracts.

The Bikeplus standards are supported by bike share operators.

Julian Scriven, Managing Director of nextbike UK said:

“nextbike are committed to delivering high quality bike share schemes that are sustainable in every way. The Bikeplus accreditation will help Local Authorities and sponsors identify organisations who  can be relied on to create schemes that will benefit their communities. I believe this will lead to improved schemes, streamlining of the procurement process and further development of the sector’s safety and business standards.”

Nextbike currently operate schemes worldwide with their largest UK scheme in Glasgow set to double in size this year, other cities with Nextbike operations include Bath, Stirling and Milton Keynes.

Tim Caswell, Managing Director of Hourbike Ltd commented:

“This accreditation is an important step in the development of a recognised and robust bike sharing industry in the UK. Customers and public authorities can be assured that bikeshare schemes operated by Bikesplus certified companies have passed important checks and have the experience and resources to provide the quality public service that is expected. The accreditation also has the potential to reduce the procurement effort for both local authorities and tenderers, which I am sure all parties will be grateful for”

Hourbike currently operate multiple bike share schemes in the UK, the largest in Liverpool with 1000 bikes and the newest to open in Brighton with 50 stations this summer.

Bikeplus accreditation is now open to applications from established operators, whilst provisional accreditation is also available for prospective companies entering the market.

The accreditation forms part of the membership package available to operators and suppliers who currently run or wish to run public bike share schemes in the UK. It will short cut the procurement process for local authorities launching schemes.

Bikeplus accreditation is now open for established operators to apply, whilst provisional accreditation is also available for prospective companies entering the market. Find out more about accreditation on the Bikeplus website.

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