Clissold Quarter Property Development

Clissold Quarter in Green Lanes, Stoke Newington, is a new development featuring 273 flats and units. Under Section 106 obligations, London Borough of Hackney required the developers of Clissold Quarter to include a car share scheme as part of their transport plan.


  • Development type: New development of 273 flats
  • Number of car club vehicles: 310 Minis and BMWs across North East London
  • Parking spaces per unit: The development is parking free zone
  • Developer: Higgins Homes
  • Local authority: London Borough of Hackney
  • Car club: DriveNow

There are usually cars available within a 5 minute walk of the development. The cars can be rented spontaneously through the DriveNow app or by swiping a customer card. Cars can also be reserved for free, 15 minutes in advance. The user does not have to return the car to a designated bay, instead they can leave the car in any on-street resident or pay and display parking bay within the business area.

Members pay a flat fee with prices including petrol, parking, insurance and tax.

New Clissold Quarter residents are introduced to DriveNow through a welcome pack which includes information on how to register, DriveNow overview and business area information. All residents are offered a lifetime membership and a number of free driving minutes.

Car clubs provide access to pay-as-you-go vehicles, available 24/7. This rapidly growing alternative to car ownership has proved its worth in new developments, reducing their carbon footprint and reducing their parking space requirements.


Full Clissold Quarter Property Development Case Study PDF

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