Community Car Club Case Study: Andrew

Andrew from Wales is a member of a community car club. He uses his car club 2-3 times a week for both business and pleasure. He enjoys it because “You always have a reliable car and a choice of vehicle to use. There is no maintenance involved and it gives a sense of community”.

Andrew And Zafira (1)

Since joining he has found that he uses his car much less and only when necessary. He finds that car clubs are more convenient than owning a car,

“Once when using a car club vehicle it broke down, it was not the fault of the car club – it was a fluke that could have happened to any car. However I was able to just book another car straight away and wasn’t really inconvenienced much compared to if my own car had broken down I would have been stuck in that situation left to fix it”.

In his small community Andrew finds the car club brings people together,

“Always meeting different people through it that I wouldn’t have otherwise. It definitely brings a sense of community between the members. We all have this common interest and talking point straight away when we meet and are often like-minded because of that”.

Andrew would always recommend for people to try a car club,

“In terms of promoting car clubs I always say to people if you are thinking about it just join. There is nothing to lose in joining and if you don’t like it you can just buy another car. There is no harm done if it doesn’t go well, but it often does”.

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