Consultation Response: TfL Congestion Charging

In response to Transport for London’s most recent consultation on the London congestion charge, Carplus and four operators have submitted a joint response which considers the application of the congestion charge to car club vehicles.


Transport for London (TfL) regularly reviews the Congestion Charging scheme to ensure it remains effective in reducing traffic and congestion in central London, and to improve the operation of the scheme.

In a consultation that started in November 2012, TfL indicated that it is proposing to make changes to the Congestion Charging scheme.

Proposed changes

These include:

  • Creating a new Ultra Low Emission Discount to replace the Greener Vehicle Discount and Electric Vehicle Discount
  • Increasing the penalty charge from £120 to £130
  • Removing the option to pay the charge in shops and petrol stations

If the Mayor decides to approve the proposal, it could come into effect from July 2013.

Implications for car clubs

The proposed lower g/km CO2 threshold of the new Ultra Low Emission Discount would mean that pure EVs and plug-in hybrids would become the only permissible purchasing options for operators. As these vehicles are still in the developmental stages of becoming a commercially viable option, this could create additional costs for car club operators, result in short term disruption of fleet rotation plans and ultimately hamper car club expansion.

Carplus’ response

Carplus in conjunction with 4 accredited car club operators currently operating in London – City Car Club, Greenwheels, Hertz on Demand and Zipcar – has submitted a response to the first of these proposals in light of the potential significant financial and operational implications for car clubs in London.

Read the full consultation response.

Further information about the consultation and the proposed changes can be found on TfL’s web site.

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