Benefits for businesses

Reducing levels of business travel and ensuring that, where possible, business journeys are made by public transport or low emission vehicles can make an important contribution to the government’s carbon reduction targets.


Improving the efficiency of business vehicle fleets

Personal vehicles that are used for business travel (often known as ‘grey fleets’) are often relatively old and emit higher levels of greenhouse gases than comparable car club vehicles. Businesses can improve the efficiency, cost and safety of their grey fleets by encouraging employees to use car club vehicles or by investing in a fleet of low emission or electric vehicles for work related journeys. Car club cars can be block booked ensuring dedicated access in the working day. Employers can establish a hierarchy to ensure that car club cars and pool cars are used for journeys of under (say) 100 miles and rental cars are used for longer duration trips.

Shared mobility

Encouraging businesses to make use of smarter working techniques including working from home, teleconferencing and videoconferencing can help to reduce the need to travel to meetings. In addition for some employees, it can improve efficiency as less time is spent driving to/from meetings.


If you are interested in reducing the environmental impact of your businesses travel, further information can be found on the ways2work website.

Alternatively if you are interested in adopting measures to reduce the need to travel including hot desking, working at home and video conferencing these issues are explored in Business in Motion – Travelling Less, Travelling Differently.

The Energy Saving Trust’s guide, Learn how Car Clubs can Improve your Organisation’s Efficiency, is full of helpful information, along with case studies from organisiations that have made the most of shared mobility. Download it here:

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