Technical advice & consultancy

Carplus provides technical advice and consultancy to a range of stakeholders. On some of the areas listed below we would work directly for a client, or be able to provide a service through a grant-aided programme (e.g. in London and Scotland). Other areas of advice and consultancy will often be delivered as part of a project team, working with other partners.

Specialist advice

Carplus offer specialist advice on the following areas:

  • Developing car clubs in small towns and rural areas;
  • Introducing electric vehicles into the car club fleets;
  • Integrating car club services with public transport operations through joint marketing, dedicated parking, and payment systems (e.g. smart cards);
  • Analysis of employers grey fleet (in partnership with Gfleet Services) and assistance with transition to car club and/or pool cars;
  • Promoting the business case for expansion of an existing car club or development and funding of an emerging car club;
  • Market analysis – assessing the potential for car clubs in a new or existing area (with partners);
  • Tendering of car club services for an area or for an employer, or both;
  • Understanding the trends and new models of car-sharing – what are the options in car clubs and car-sharing?;
  • Evaluating the introduction or re-tendering of ride sharing providers and establishing monitoring systems (with partners).


Some of the above advice is available free to clients in areas where a funding programme will cover costs e.g. London, Scotland. If you would like to discuss an opportunity to work with us, please contact Kate Gifford.

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