Profile: Andrew Phillips, architect and car club member

Andrew Phillips is a well-travelled architect living in London.  After 15 years working for renowned design architect David Chipperfield, three years ago Andrew started his own practice, based in a warehouse in Bermondsey.

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He’s a Londoner who travels for work as well as for pleasure. As an architect, his time is split between spending time in the studio designing and being out of it visiting sites, clients and researching.

What started as a practical solution when his sports car didn’t quite fit the people or things he wanted to carry has become a super easy way of getting around.

Since I joined in 2011 I have sold my car because I didn’t actually use it enough. The car club omits the liabilities and bureaucracy of owning a car in London – parking, congestion charges, maintenance, even fuel costs.

“There are plenty of types of car and van and they’ve never been far away. The app is great. The cars are all cool, clean and reliable. Whenever I’ve needed to call the customer service has been notably effective.”

Andrew and his wife love to travel further afield – sometimes it’s for work and sometimes for pleasure.

My wife and I are lucky enough to have travelled extensively worldwide for both work and pleasure. I’m English and she’s originally from Sydney. Between us, we have worked and lived in London, Paris, Milan and Barcelona, Sydney, Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

We have designed projects in those places but also across the world from Hong Kong and Seoul to Iceland, Mexico, and the Turks and Caicos.

We love adventures, our honeymoon was a 6 day train journey on the Trans Siberian Express from Moscow to Bejing, my 40th birthday was a road trip across Texas to see the home and work of my hero sculptor. For her 40th we took a mini pilgrimage to the Taj Mahal and the deserted palace of Fatepur Sikri in India.”

The international growth of the car club family means they’ve used Zipcar in several US cities.

We had an airport layover in Aberqurque so we picked up a car on the spur of the moment and checked out the city.

I have to say that the ease of booking a car on your iPhone and then jumping in after swiping your membership card is absolutely genius compared with using a rental car company.

It’s not all international travel. Day to day, the couple love walking across London or use taxis, Uber, buses and tubes.

For something further afield they might drive. The car club car comes in handy for transporting clothes and furniture to charity shops and the recycling centre. It also helped when they decided to make some furniture – and used the van to go and collect the materials.

My favourite trips have been early morning trips out to Heathrow to pick up my wife from an overnight flight. It’s really nice to be able to do that.


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