Benefits of bike sharing for individuals

There are a range of unique benefits bike share offers, it is both an alternative and a complement to ownership. For many, bike share can be an easy and affordable way to access cycling but often bike owners are also regular users of public cycle hire.

  • Low cost access – an affordable alternative to the expense of purchasing a bike, enabling new cyclists to try it out without having to spend hundreds of pounds. Annual membership of a bike share scheme can be an economical option compared to typical up front cost of ownership
  • No maintenance – hassle free riding as all bikes are regularly maintained to ensure a high quality ride experience, no need to fix punctures or adjust detuned gears and brakes
  • No storage – many urban residents living in flats and tenement housing have with limited storage space for bikes, bike sharing solves this problem
  • Combining with public transport – connecting trip origins and destinations with railway and underground stations, and bus stops, whilst often speeding up the last miles of a journey
  • Alternative to cycle carriage on trains – picking up or dropping off a shared bikes saves the ‘hassle’ of carrying and finding space for your bike
  • Trip chaining – complementing journeys which are suitable by car for practical reasons such as the school run and complementing rural journeys to and from park and ride sites
  • One way trips – offering flexible journeys filling in gaps where public transport provision is patchy
  • Electric bikes – electric assistance allows riders to travel through challenging terrain with confidence and reduced risk of perspiration