Electric Bikes and Carbon emissions

A European Cyclist Federation study concluded that after factoring in CO2 emissions produced during electricity generation, an e-bike’s carbon footprint is just 2.6-5 grams of CO2 per mile (depending on the source of the electricity), compared to 150 grams for most electric cars and 136 grams for scooters.


As well as saving on carbon, switching to an e-bike has indirect benefits as well, the biggest environmental contribution that the e-bike could make is as a replacement of the private car. Of the millions of car journeys people do, 50 per cent are under three miles which are ideal for ebikes.

See the ECF full report.

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UK Public Bike Share Stats

Total number of bikes: 17,354

Docking stations: 1,164

Users: 456,425 users (unique members & casual users)

Total trips: 10,744,419

Last updated (March 2017)

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