Expanding the car club network in Bristol

We are working with Bristol City Council on plans to facilitate the expansion of the existing car club network in Bristol.

Bristol- Car Club 166 - chris bahn

The aim of the expansion is to:

  • contribute to the alleviation of congestion and parking pressure
  • promote a mobility option that complements other sustainable transport modes in the community
  • make car club use more convenient for citizens of Bristol and employees of Bristol-based employers

Car clubs in Bristol

The first car club developments in England began in Bristol during 2000. By using on-street parking the scheme aimed to provide a convenient service, initially in residential areas. The first operator, City Car Club, continues to have a strong presence in the city, but in recent years Bristol City Council has opened up the provision of car club services to other operators through a framework agreement. Beside City Car Club, these operators include Zipcar and Bristol Car Club. Co-Wheels, which is a social enterprise also operate a car club in the city.

Bristol has nearly 100 ‘pay as you go’ car club cars currently available operated by City Car Club, Co-Wheels and Zipcar, and the potential for this to increase to around 180 by 2015.There are over 3,000 car club members in Bristol.

The expansion of car clubs is not only driven by the revitalised aims of the council, but are also seen as part of the contribute to the innovative transport vision of the Mayor George Ferguson, a directly elected mayor, while working within the policies set by Bristol’s Core Strategy. It is the Mayor’s ambition to ‘make Bristol a worthy European Green Capital’ and a ‘healthy and happier city – a city which is fit for children and inspiring for all – one city in which we all play our part to eliminate poverty and isolation’ (Read more). The expansion of car clubs can be seen as a major contributing factor to achieving this.