Hebden Bridge We:Cycle

13 electric bikes for residents, local businesses and tourists have been used for 103 journeys cycling 350 miles (April 2016 – January 2017) in Hebden Bridge and the surrounding hill top villages. The scheme is operated by the Alternative Technology Centre.

Hebden Bridge we cycle credit After Alice project

Member experience feedback on electric bikes

One members recounted how – “Had an amazing cycle with Lizzie this fine evening on the electric bikes. Particularly satisfying whizzing past a load of lycra”.

From a new member – “It’s wonderful – reminds me of riding a bike for the first time”.

Murray from Hebden Bridge:

“The first thing to say – as someone who does not cycle regularly – is the real difference that an e-bike makes in our area. Hebden Bridge is right in the middle of the Pennines, and, apart from one canal towpath route, almost anywhere you want to go to round here means going up a steep hill. But that’s where the bike is such a game-changer. And I’m 61 and not a shred of Lycra to my name”.

See We:Cycle website for more information.

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