Public Bike Share Users Survey Results 2016

Bike share is developing rapidly in the UK. The Bikeplus Public Bike Share User Survey is the first national research into how people are using bike share schemes.


It looks at the impact of these schemes on attracting people to cycling, the health and wellbeing benefits people report and how bike share schemes are influencing people’s travel choices, particularly in moving away from making car journeys.


  • 13% of survey respondents outside of London said they have begun cycling as a result of the bike share scheme
  • A much more even gender balance amongst bike share users, with 57% male and 42% female compared to 75% male and 25% female for all cycling trips
  • 20% of respondents used bike share in conjunction with the bus and 40% with train, indicating how bike share is complementary with public transport
  • 22% said they previously travelled by car or taxi indicating potential for bike share in reducing congestion and pollution.

Bikeplus surveyed over 800 bike share scheme users in England, Wales and Scotland, and compared the data with over 3,000 London users surveyed by Transport for London.

Download the report.

Download the survey questions.

Thanks to Conor Walsh from the University of Leeds for his analysis of the survey data.

rsz_london_outside_london_infographic rsz_bike_to_train_bus_infographic Smarter Travel Behaviour infographic2 Reasons for using bikeshare infographic2

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Bikeplus is the UK representative body for bike sharing which aims to optimise the benefits of cycling by supporting the emergence of the effective widespread availability of pooled bikes.

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UK Public Bike Share Stats

Total number of bikes: 17,354

Docking stations: 1,164

Users: 456,425 users (unique members & casual users)

Total trips: 10,744,419

Last updated (March 2017)

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