Public Bike Share Users Survey Results 2017

Bike share is developing rapidly in the UK. This report is the second year of the Bikeplus UK wide survey of public bike share.

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The survey reinforced the previous year’s results that bike share is attracting more people to cycle and provides a snapshot of who uses bike share and the way they use it.

Key trends show that increasing numbers of women are using bike share, and that people combine it with public transport. A significant number of people switched journeys from cars to bike share bikes, which has a direct impact on congestion and emissions.

Bike share gets women cycling

Proportionately more women use public bike share than ride their own bikes. Only 25% of cycle trips on personal bikes (cyclists riding their own bikes) are made by women, but 41% (change from 42) of people riding shared bikes are women. 66% of all those surveyed started to cycle or increased the amount they cycle as a result of the bike share scheme.

Started Riding infographicGender vs Experience infographic

Bike share is a part of public transport

The survey showed that people use bike share for parts of trips made by public transport – 40% use bike share and the train and 25% use bike share and the bus in the same journey.

Bus and Train infographic

Bike share encourages people to leave the car at home

When asked about their most frequent trip nearly a quarter of users had previously used a car

Car to Bike infographicor taxi.

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Thanks to Conor Walsh previously working with ITS at the University of Leeds for his analysis of the survey data. Bikeplus welcomes input into the design of 2018 survey and collaboration with other research organisations.

Bikeplus is the UK representative body for bike sharing which aims to optimise the benefits of cycling by supporting the emergence of the effective widespread availability of pooled bikes.

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UK Public Bike Share Stats

Total number of bikes: 17,354

Docking stations: 1,164

Users: 456,425 users (unique members & casual users)

Total trips: 10,744,419

Last updated (March 2017)

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