Procurement guidance: Successful Bike Share Scheme Development



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The Bikeplus guide to Successful Bike Share Scheme Development takes all the best experience from the UK and overseas covering all aspects of procurement and scheme implementation. Local authorities can find information on management models, funding sources, design specification and mobilisation. The guidance was written before new geo-fenced and free-floating models began operating in the UK.  Bikeplus has developed an accreditation scheme to help the public sector save time in understanding best practice and assessing current operators.

Following the success of the Paris Velib and other large European schemes, Transport for London launched a public cycle hire scheme in 2010. Since then several other UK cities notably Liverpool, Reading, Glasgow, Bath and Oxford have followed their lead and explored how bike share can enhance the sustainable public transport offer.

In some places there has been a shaky start to the development of public bike share as cities learnt the hard way about:

This document examines each of these issues and illustrates the pros and cons of different approaches through experience gained from all those working in the sector. However, one size does not fit all and there is a need to avoid an overly prescriptive approach which does not allow flexibility in delivery e.g. specific station locations and adjustments to operators as patterns of usage emerge.

Bikeplus has been asked to create guidance in response to requests from operators and local authorities to ensure lessons are learnt from the past and knowledge is shared in an accessible format, open to all. This guidance document will be revised as new lessons are learnt and initiatives are tested. Bikeplus welcomes contributions to this process.

Bikeplus runs a monthly local authority forum which meets by telephone conferencing to discuss latest developments and issues. If you are involved in setting up or running a bike share scheme, please contact to join the group.

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