Accreditation and Procurement guidance: Successful Bike Share Scheme Development

The increasing number of operators in the sector and the option to access private finance for capital costs has opened up new routes to developing bike share schemes.


Bikeplus has a range of guidance documents to support local authorities:

  1. An outline of new geo-fenced and free-floating models can be found on the models of bike share page.
  2. Updated Bikeplus Public Bike Share Procurement Guidance 2018
  3. 2016 detailed gudiance: Guide to Successful Bike Share Scheme Development.
  4. It is recommended that all processes should include reference to the need for Bikeplus Accreditation in order to streamline the application and assessment process whilst promoting common standards in the sector. In addition is is a useful checklist for reviewing differnt providers.
  5. Bikeplus and the Bikeplus Operators Group, in an open letter to cities, recommend taking the route of a transparent competitive process. Members of the group have stated that they will not operator in an areas without an invitation.
  6. A list of local authorities currently developing bike share schemes. 
  7. Bikeplus runs a monthly local authority forum which meets by telephone conferencing to discuss latest developments and issues. If you are involved in setting up or running a bike share scheme, please contact to join the group.

Successful Bike Share Scheme Development



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UK Public Bike Share Stats

Locations: 26 locations

Total number of bikes: 22,412

Users: 626,136 users (unique members & casual users)

Average trips per day in UK: 47,710 per day

Available data from quarter ending December 2017

Operators & suppliers


Bike & Go

Brompton Bike Hire

Donkey Republic 

Hourbike  (Bikeplus Accredited)

Intelligent Transport Services (Bikeplus Accredited)

Mobike (Bikeplus Accredited)

Nextbike (Bikeplus Accredited)


Ofo (Bikeplus Accredited)

Ride-on (Provisional Bikeplus Accreditation)

Serco (Bikeplus Accredited)


Social Bicycles


Urbo (Bikeplus Accredited)

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