Bikeplus Forum

Bikeplus holds a Forum Network of local authority and interested partners currently managing or developing a bike share system.


The Forum meetings usually occur monthly by telephone conference as well as through conference events.

Discussions cover latest funding opportunities and sector innovations as well as providing scheme managers with a chance to share challenges and experience.

The previous topics have covered:

  • National users survey
  • Procurement process
  • Electric bikes
  • Bike share safety
  • Community engagement and responses to theft & vandalism
  • Quality assurance
  • Different models of bike share
  • Marketing

If you are interested in joining the Forum and finding out about how bike share can benefit your local area please contact

Accreditation and Procurement guidance: Successful Bike Share Scheme Development


The increasing number of operators in the sector and the option to access private finance for capital costs has opened up new routes to developing bike share schemes. Bikeplus has a range of guidance documents to support local authorities: An outline of new geo-fenced and   Read more »»

Public Bike Share Users Survey Results 2017

NextBike Battersea-7432

Bike share is developing rapidly in the UK. This report is the second year of the Bikeplus UK wide survey of public bike share. The survey reinforced the previous year’s results that bike share is attracting more people to cycle and provides a snapshot of   Read more »»

Bike Share Social Inclusion


Bike share equity programmes aim to increase the accessibility of bikes to all people breaking down barriers such as ability or income through shared bikes. The bike share sector is developing initiatives and incentives to encourage new ridership. There are a range of examples emerging   Read more »»

Economic case for bike share


Responsibility for investment in transport has been devolved to the Local Enterprise Partnerships, the focus of these bodies is on regional economic development.  This document is aimed at supporting Local Enterprise Partnerships, local authorities and bike share organisations applying for funding, to demonstrate the contribution   Read more »»

Societal Benefits of Bike Share

Bath (11)

  Download here Statistics on the contribution to eight key policy areas The benefits of bike share have been recognised in the following evidence and research: Health & Wellbeing 68% of users had not cycled for their current trips prior to the launch of Dublinbikes   Read more »»

Models of Bike Share


From on-street docking stations to workplace bike pools A variety of creative ways to provide shared access to bikes are emerging across the world for communities of all sizes. There is a challenge in creating typologies as the difference between the models are blurring but   Read more »»

Future of UK Bike Share Conference, Manchester 2017

Thanks to all speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and delegates who contributed to an insightful and enjoyable two days.

Download the presentations.

View the two day Conference Programme.

View the photos on Flickr courtesy of Carlton Reid, Bike Biz.

View the full UK Bike Share User survey results.

Accreditation for bike share operators


About bike share


Shared Electric Bike Programme


Bike share map


UK Public Bike Share Stats

Locations: 26 locations

Total number of bikes: 22,412

Users: 626,136 users (unique members & casual users)

Average trips per day in UK: 47,710 per day

Available data from quarter ending December 2017

Operators & suppliers


Bike & Go

Brompton Bike Hire

Donkey Republic 

Hourbike  (Bikeplus Accredited)

Intelligent Transport Services (Bikeplus Accredited)

Mobike (Bikeplus Accredited)

Nextbike (Bikeplus Accredited)


Ofo (Bikeplus Accredited)

Ride-on (Provisional Bikeplus Accreditation)

Serco (Bikeplus Accredited)


Social Bicycles


Urbo (Bikeplus Accredited)

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Bikeplus is the UK representative body for bike sharing which aims to optimise the benefits of cycling by supporting the emergence of the effective widespread availability of pooled bikes.