Developing Car Clubs England Programme

Developing Car Clubs in England Programme Briefing


In 2014 the Department of Transport awarded Carplus £500,000 to develop and expand car clubs in England. An additional £1.8 million was awarded in 2015 to increase the size of the project and trial shared electric bike schemes.

The fund has helped launch, expand or develop schemes across England, from village car clubs to integrating car club travel into complex metropolitan transport systems.

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Developing Car Clubs England Programme Projects

Bristol Car Clubs

Bristol 1

Bristol is a multi-operator city with Co-wheels, Enterprise Car Club (formally City Car Club) and Zipcar providing cars for hire in the city. The project has focused on expanding the number of car club vehicles. Expanding car club provision in Bristol has required designating a   Read more »»

Co-cars South West Consortium

Plymouth Co Cars image

The South West Car Club Consortium, headed up by Co-cars, is expanding and consolidating access to car club vehicles across a number of small town and rural locations in Devon and Dorset. The project included the merger of Co-Cars and Dorset Flexicars, with a remit   Read more »»

Derby Car Club

Derby pic of car

Newly launched in September 2015, the Derby Car Club operates 10 vehicles including 2 electric vehicles. The new car club is operated by Co-wheels in partnership with the Council and is part of a process to develop the club county wide with links to the   Read more »»

Derbyshire Car Club

Derbyshire pic of car charging with person using smartcard

Derbyshire County Council is working in partnership with the local NHS and the Local Authority to create new car clubs to complement the recently launched car club in Derby. Derbyshire Community Health Services (DCHS) is working with Co-wheels to provide pool cars for business use   Read more »»

Derwent Valley Car Club

Derwent Valley in Consett Magazine

Derwent Valley Car Club used community engagement and market research to establish where future expansion for their electric vehicles was needed. Derwent Valley Car Club was formed in June 2013. It was set up with a National Lottery grant which allowed the car club to   Read more »»

Eastleigh Car Club

Eastleigh pic of car in street no people

Eastleigh Borough Council received a small grant from the DCCE programme to replace two existing diesel car club vehicles with electric Renault Zoes. The car club is operated by Co-wheels. The new vehicles were relocated from the Council offices to a more prominent on-street location   Read more »»

Greater Manchester Car Club


A new car club with 21 cars has been introduced to the inner city area of Salford, including the introduction of 4 electric vehicles, to further expand the fleet of car club vehicles in the Greater Manchester area. The car club in Salford was formally   Read more »»

Guildford Car Club

EV in Guildford

Surrey County Council have had a longstanding commitment to car clubs and the use of car clubs for corporate travel. The DCCE programme funded the development of the existing car club in Guildford, from two vehicles to eight vehicles (including 3 electric / plug in   Read more »»

Harbury Car Club

Harbury pic of car with person charging it

Harbury Car Club provides a community service using electric vehicles in a small village where car ownership is regarded as a necessity.  Harbury has established an electric car club with 2 electric vehicles with an electric bay located to the rear of the village’s library   Read more »»

Hourcars Salisbury


The project included merging the existing car club with Co-Cars, converting the existing two vehicles to telematics operation, re-launch, development of promotional materials and liaison with Wiltshire Council and other stakeholders. The two hOURCARS vehicles were converted to telematics operation and added to the Co-Cars booking   Read more »»

Isle of Wight Car Club

Isle of Wight 2

Isle of Wight launched a new car club in partnership with Co-wheels. The plan is to offer 10 vehicles (a mixture of electric and low emission) across the island aimed at improving transport for tourists and local residents. Currently 4 vehicles have been rolled out.   Read more »»

Newcastle Car Club

NECA close up of car

The main focus of the project is to extend the Newcastle Car Club into communities across the North East. A market analysis was commissioned into the demographic and travel characteristics of residents. It identified that 3 groups were most likely to use the car club   Read more »»

Norfolk Car Club

Baroness Kramer car club funding 3

Supporting the growth of the successful Norfolk Car Club by over 15 cars within 3 years, linking the car club to more public transport hubs, bike paths and cycle parking and integrating the car club booking system into the Norfolk County Council Holdall smartcard. Norfolk   Read more »»

Nottingham City Council Car Club

Nottingham pic of car

The key objectives of Nottingham City Car Club are to work with Enterprise Car Club towards launching new car club sites while funding additional vehicles. In September 2014 the car club had 8 vehicles. Over the course of just over a year (to December 2015)   Read more »»

Poole Car Club

Borough of Poole Council received funding to develop a car club offer for Council staff and the public. The project will also develop the innovative Travelmates scheme. The Borough of Poole Council have plans to deliver a four-vehicle car club (with three electric vehicles and   Read more »»

Reading Car Club

Reading pic

Reading EasyGo links expanding the car club with bike share and travel by bus through one multimodal travel card. Co-wheels currently operates seven vehicles (two of which are hybrids) in Reading and the Council has just launched (September 2016) a major multimodal project, the EasyGo   Read more »»

West Yorkshire and York

West Yorks pic

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority has added 20 cars across the authority from York in the north to Halifax in the west, with seamless bus, train and car club travel made possible through the MCard. West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) recognises that when car clubs   Read more »»

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