Car clubs in Scotland

The Developing Car Clubs in Scotland (DCCS) programme was launched in October 2010 and is funded by Transport Scotland, the national transport agency for Scotland. The programme represents an innovative part of the Scottish Government’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions from transport and improving air quality in towns and cities.


The aims of the Developing Car Clubs in Scotland programme are:

  • To reduce carbon emissions from transport, and improve air quality in towns and cities;
  • To reduce private car dependency by expanding the network into towns and cities across Scotland;
  • To contribute the wider public use of electric vehicles by increasing the number and usage of electric vehicles in the car club fleet;
  • To work with public transport operators to integrate car clubs with their services;
  • To reduce the barriers to car club membership – including working with operators to make it easier for members of one club to book a car from another;
  • To contribute to the strengthening of rural communities and reduction of transport poverty through the development of car clubs in small towns and rural communities across Scotland.