Car clubs in Wales

Car clubs are at a relatively early stage of development in Wales. At Carplus, we believe that there is potential for more widespread expansion of car clubs across Wales and are currently discussing with car club operators, other stakeholders and Welsh Government the practical measures that will help this to happen.

Demonstration vehicles at the Riverfront Theatre, Newport.

“City Car Club is always interested in opening discussions about establishing car club schemes for residents and businesses across the UK. Our existing operation in Cardiff is currently the only significant car club operation in Wales. Opportunities to discuss expansion in Wales would be welcomed”.

Keith Kelly, Head of Locations – City Car Club

The Climate Change Strategy for Wales (Welsh Assembly Government, 2010) sets comprehensive targets for the reduction of emissions in the transport sector. In England and Scotland, car clubs have demonstrated their role as a measure for reducing the carbon emissions of transport and securing behaviour change.

We believe that the development of car clubs in Wales can significantly contribute towards the objectives set out in the Climate Change Strategy for Wales through:

  • Reducing car dependency and ownership;
  • Supporting behaviour change;
  • Promoting the use of electric, hybrid and alternatively fuelled vehicles;
  • Encouraging more people to use public transport; and,
  • Encouraging people to use vehicles with lower carbon emissions (where there is no alternative to using the car).


If you are interested in working with us to develop car clubs in Wales please contact Kate Gifford:

Useful resources

Climate Change Strategy for Wales

Report published October 2010.
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Welsh Draft National Transport Plan 2015

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Developing a low emission car club in Newport


“Co-wheels recently gave a presentation to Low Carbon Swansea. The audience included the local authority, university and other key employers.

There was a lot of interest in the potential for introducing a car club that could provide electric cars as well as a local opportunity for using hydrogen cell powered vehicles which could use the existing refuelling infrastructure.”

Pierre Fox, Director, Co-wheels