Setting up a community car club

If you can’t find a car club car near you on our map, maybe you could think about setting up your own car club?

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Carplus has supported community car clubs from the north of Scotland to the south of England. Some projects involve a large number of people, whilst some are just a group of neighbours getting together to share a vehicle.

Community car clubs can be independently run or run by working with one of the larger car club operators, such as Co-wheels, e-Car Club or City Car Club for support.

There’s a community car club forum in our members’ area for people running community car clubs. If you’re not already a member, find out more about membership.

Resources for informal and community car clubs


Expanding the car club network in Bristol

Bristol- Car Club 166 - chris bahn

We are working with Bristol City Council on plans to facilitate the expansion of the existing car club network in Bristol. The aim of the expansion is to: contribute to the alleviation of congestion and parking pressure promote a mobility option that complements other sustainable   Read more »»

Developing a low emission car club in Newport

Demonstration vehicles at the Riverfront Theatre, Newport.

Newport In early 2014 Carplus published a plan for a low emission car club for Newport, including a high proportion of electric vehicles. Consultation took place with public sector employers and businesses in the city, including an event at the Riverside Theatre (photo). The project   Read more »»

Car clubs in Cornwall

Ruins of an engine house in the green fields of the Cornish countryside

Carplus worked with Cornwall Council to assess the potential to develop car club services in the county in order to meet some of the Council’s key transport goals. The programme Car clubs were identified by Cornwall Council as a means to help to contribute towards   Read more »»

Car clubs in Shropshire

As part of the Department for Transport funded programme to develop sustainable transport in Shropshire, Carplus provided technical advice and support to Shropshire Council for the delivery of car clubs in Shrewsbury, Ludlow and the potential of several other small market towns in the county.   Read more »»

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