Community and Informal Car Clubs

Community Car Club Handbook

A handbook is for individuals and community groups interested in setting up a car club to improve local transport choices and to offer more sustainable travel options.

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This guide provides information from the planning stages to practical advice on running a community car club, updated for 2016.

July 2016

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Marketing for Community Car Clubs

This guide provides advice and tips to help community car clubs maximise the impact of their marketing. The guide covers best practice for leaflets, using press releases and media and a step-by-step guide for marketing through Facebook.

June 2016

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Making the Business Case for a Sustainable Local Car Club

Indicative start-up costs to help local groups build a robust business plan for their car club

June 2016

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Running an Informal Car Club

This document is designed to provide guidance on establishing and operating an informal car club, including setting up a payment system, calculating costs and charges, vehicle locations, booking the car and legal requirements.
May 2012

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TMO/TRO Consultation Guidance


Car Clubs at Work


Car Clubs in Property Development


Meet Policy Objectives with Low Carbon Car Clubs


Car Club Parking


Guidance for London Boroughs on Car Parking Permits


Electric Vehicles in Car Clubs