Salford Green Wheels Travel Plan

Salford City Council worked with Transport for Greater Manchester to develop more sustainable modes of transport for its employees and the local community. The Green Wheels Travel Plan is aimed at promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.


The Salford Green Wheels Travel Plan focuses on reducing employee’s personal car use, promoting the benefits of cycling and car clubs to employees and using the car club to control company costs. The plan aims to manage parking and congestion, and also provides incentives for sustainable travel.

How it works

The car club is run in partnership with Co-Wheels and provides low or no emission cars that are regularly maintained and valeted. The car club also works to benefit the local community, for example providing transport for local veterans and local job opportunities.

Key employee benefits

Employees benefit from improved health and well being, savings on fuel costs and discounted rates on buying new bikes. By reducing personal car use and using cleaner vehicles, it is hoped that air quality will improve.

Other benefits of the Green Wheels Plan include:

  • Detailed data collection on car usage for buisness travel
  • Partnership with Co-Wheels who fulfil the legal requirements
  • Removes risk of danger associated with privately owned vehicles

Some outcomes and benefits include:

  • Estimated financial saving of £400,000 in two years
  • 27% reduction in miles driven in the first quarter
  • Estimated reduction of 128 tonnes of CO2 annually

“The team were unsure about using the cars at first but soon realised how easy it was and to use them, and now find the car club really beneficial.” Chris Gleave, Principal officer, Housing Standards.

“Using Co-wheels has meant that I don’t have to use my own car anymore, so I can cycle to work which is definitely my preferred option.” Kieran McElwee, Finance Officer.


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