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Low emission hub

The year that was: Progress in the British car club [car sharing] sector 2013

Alternatives to Private Car Use by Mobile NHS Professionals 

Car club guide: Learn how car clubs can improve your organisation’s efficiency

Rural Scotland in Focus 2012

Car rental 2.0 Club innovations and why they matter

Accessing cars: different ownership and use choices

Transport, physical activity and health

Car sharing and public parking policies: assessing benefits, costs and best practices in North America

Developing car clubs in Scotland

Greenhouse gas emission impacts of car sharing in North America

Carsharing: A Sustainable and Innovative Personal Transport Solution with Great Potential and Huge Opportunities

The effects of smarter choice programmes in the sustainable travel towns

Mitigating Transport’s Climate Change Impact in Scotland: Assessment of Policy Options

An Analysis of Car Club Participation and its Environmental Effects

Quick Hits Report: Car Clubs

Rural car clubs

Making the Connections: Final Report on Transport and Social Exclusion

Public Bike Share Users Survey 2016/17


Car clubs in developments


The Economic Case for Car Clubs: Benefit Cost Ratio Tool


Benefits of bike share


Latest Annual Survey of Car Clubs


Where is 2+ car sharing headed?


The benefits of shared electric vehicles in Scotland


The benefits of developing car clubs in Scotland


The emission impacts of car clubs in London