2+ car sharing FAQs

All you need to know about car sharing compiled by the Carplus team.

How does 2+ car sharing work?

Drivers advertise empty seats on planned future trips. By searching online, passenger(s) can make contact to organise similar or matching journeys. It can be used by individuals, groups of friends or businesses.

One of the people travelling usually owns the car and the passenger(s) will generally make a contribution towards fuel and other associated costs. The passengers(s) normally arrange a drop-off either on-route or at the driver’s destination. Short diversions off route are commonly organised to pick up passengers.

What type of journeys can be made?

2+ car sharing can be used to arrange regular or one-off journeys, for both long and short distances. Each 2+ car sharing provider has a different focus, for example travel to events like festivals and football matches or students travelling to university.

2+ car sharing can also work for businesses, which can use dedicated platforms to connect employers with similar travel patterns. 

Who benefits from 2+ car sharing?

2+ car sharing helps drivers, passengers and business to economise on journey costs. It contributes to reducing congestion, carbon emissions, pollutants, car dependency and need for parking spaces. It can help to build community relations, notably benefiting rural areas by reducing social exclusion where public transport is limited.

How can I join?

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Registration with a 2+ car sharing provider is usually online via an email address and mobile telephone number or a social media account. It’s usually free for individuals to join.

To offer a lift, you must be fully insured and hold a UK driving licence. Some sites also require vehicle details to be registered. Most operators specify a lower age limit of 18. Businesses can register to access journey planning software connecting to other employers on business parks or in town centres.

How do I publicise a journey?

Drivers who have registered with a 2+ car sharing provider can publicise a planned route online. Prospective passengers search online to identify those driving along a similar route to their planned journey. Once they’ve found a match, passengers can then contact the driver via the 2+ car sharing provider. Some operators allow drivers to set a price and to determine a limit to any diversions off route to collect passengers.

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How can I find a ride?

Finding ride matches online is made easy through online searches. As a passenger, some sites allow you to browse planned journeys without an account. Contacting a driver requires you to register, usually with either an email address and mobile phone number, or via a social media account. Your account details will then need to be verified by the provider.

Shared journeys can be organised months in advance for peace of mind. Drivers often display regular journeys such as commutes, also many trips tend to be organised either at the last minute or in the last few days leading up to the departure.

Contacting the driver and arranging the journey is discussed through an internal messaging system on the respective website or software. Click on one of the links to the right to start searching for journeys.

How do the costs get divided?

How the costs is divided depends on the provider; most sites either fix a cost or recommend a contribution, estimated by a journey cost calculator. The splitting of the cost is not intended to make a profit for the driver; this would contravene most insurance policies.

How does the passenger pay the driver?

The method of payment depends on the 2+ car sharing provider’s policy; the driver is paid either upfront in cash at the start of the journey, or a payment will be made to the provider’s site when booking. Your confirmation details will present you with a code, which should then be given to the driver on the completion of the journey allowing an online transfer to their account.

How does the driver get paid?

Depending on the operator, the driver either receives the payment upfront in cash, or the established cost is transferred from the provider’s website on completion of the journey, after the passenger has provided the driver with a code, which is entered online.

How do I organise a meeting place?

When publicising a journey, drivers determine how far they are willing to detour off their route to collect passengers, with the driver offering potential meeting places. This can then be discussed and arranged through the messaging service. We advise arranging a meeting in a public place well served by public transport, which can be used as an alternative if the lift doesn’t work out.

What if I’m late or stuck in traffic?

We recommend that you inform each other through the provided contact details of any delays. 2+ car sharing is not suited to all types of journeys. If you are making connecting journeys we advise leaving sufficient time for possible delays or finding alternative travel.

What if I cannot honour my lift or need to change a journey?

Most sites allow drivers to edit or change journeys, but as a driver you must inform any passengers who have confirmed reservations. Passengers should also notify drivers of any changes. For drivers, the cost of a journey can normally be lowered to attract more interest.

How can I be safe and be feel comfortable?

Feeling comfortable is important to ensure you enjoy your journey. Shared mobility is built on developing network of trust; accounts are often connected to social media, helping both drivers and passengers to make an informed choice when confirming a journey match. Reading other user’s previous experience and a star rating system, supported by details of vehicle type and personal preferences, can help to guide your decision.

Further checks are made by 2+ car sharing operators, including the verification of email and phone numbers, pseudonyms are rejected and driver’s insurance is checked. We recommend informing a friend or relative of your planned journey.

Same gender trips?

Most 2+ car sharing providers enable both male and female 2+ car sharers to search and make journeys exclusively with the same gender.

Will it affect my insurance?

No. The Association of British Insurers has agreed with providers that a driver’s insurance status will not be affected, given that the driver does not make a profit from carrying passengers. Contact your insurance company if there are any queries regarding your terms and conditions.

How will my details be kept secure and confidential?

2+ car sharing providers’ matching and internal messaging systems allow users to choose the amount of personal information they are willing to allow other users to see.

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2+ car sharing providers


      BlaBlaCar is a trusted community marketplace that connects drivers with empty seats to passengers looking for a ride. BlaBlaCar users transport over 700,000 passengers every month, creating an entirely new, people powered, transport network. With a dedicated customer service centre, a state of the art web and mobile platform and a fast-growing community of users, BlaBlaCar is making travel social, money-saving and more efficient for millions of members across Europe.

      Find out more

      Carbon Heroes

      carbon heroes is a specialist provider of sustainable transport solutions. It works with employers, business parks and retail parks and can operate regional public schemes that enable local government bodies to promote sustainable travel. Its service comprises a leading technology platform that incorporates 2+ car sharing and taxi matching, sharing and/or logging journeys on foot and on two wheels and integration with public transport data feeds.

      The system provides data on the journeys taken and the associated carbon savings. It has been designed to be intuitive in addressing the natural concerns many people have before changing their travel habits. carbonheroes reinvests in technology, ensuring that this experience is improved and new capabilities added.

      Find out more


      GoCarShare believes that travelling by car should be fun, sustainable and low cost.

      It has created a trusted community by connecting people with Facebook. Users can see whether they share friends, have similar interests or like similar music, and there is an eBay style rating system.

      GoCarShare has formed partnerships with over 100 festivals and events, with incentives including the chance to park right at the front and win festival tickets if you share the ride. There are also special goCarShare pages for fans going to football matches and students travelling back to university. A formula works out a fair contribution for passengers to pay drivers, ensuring that both parties save money.

      GoCarShare is an award winning 2+ car sharing website that has been featured extensively in the national press. Add your 2+ car sharing journey to the GoCarShare website here.


      Liftshare is a social enterprise that helps people travel more sustainably by sharing their journey. Its free online network matches people with similar journeys so they can travel better together – saving money and cutting their carbon footprint. With over 300,000 active members, Liftshare provides an opportunity to find someone to share a journey with. If you are an individual looking to share a lift visit its website here.

      For employers, Liftshare provides innovative 2+ car sharing software and personal travel planning tools. It has helped over 600 businesses and communities set up their own online journey-matching tools to encourage 2+ car sharing and make better use of parking spaces. Its dedicated business team provides ongoing support services to help employers market and monitor their scheme effectively.

      Liftshare’s clients include many Councils, e.g. www.carsharedevon.com, businesses, e.g. www.tesco.liftshare.com, hospitals, e.g. www.nhs.liftshare.com and business parks, e.g. www.prologis.liftshare.com. For more information, to read case studies or to arrange a demonstration visit www.liftshare.com/business.


      Jambusters aims to help employers and individuals reduce their carbon footprint, their parking and commuting burden and save money. Its services, used by major private and public sector employers, include 2+ car sharing, parking administration and travel planning. Jambusters is highly flexible and tailors to specific customer requirements, providing innovative and financially attractive software solutions. For further information, visit the Jambusters website.

      Jambusters provides services nationwide and brands them with the customer’s own scheme. Many are never advertised outside the employer. For further information of the areas Jambusters covers visit its website.

      Carshare Online

      Carshare Online has been providing travel share schemes for major employers since 1998 and has produced five generations of innovative software. It provides a total service from scheme design and administration to promotion and monitoring, exactly tailored to the individual needs of each client. For further information, visit the Carshare online website.


The benefits of sharing vehicles

  • Fewer cars on the road: Less congestion, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and parking problems
  • Improved access: A real solution to transport access problems in rural areas
  • Increased choice: More transport options for employers and employees
  • Reduced dependency: Less need for private car ownership
  • Saving money: Travelling with others can save up to £1,000 a year

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