Car clubs

Car clubs provide easy and affordable access to vehicles 24/7. Just book, drive and return the car.

Car Club 171 - chris bahn
  • Book Book a car online or by phone, weeks ahead or with just a few minutes’ notice, for anything from an hour to a weekend. Whatever works for you.
  • Unlock Unlock a car in your neighbourhood, parked in a designated parking bay. It’s clean and ready to go. Just swipe your smart card get the keys from the car, and off you go.
  • Drive Drive for as long as you’ve booked it for (anything from an hour to a weekend or more) for an hourly rate from as little as £3.50. When you’ve finished just return your car to the same location.
  • Pay It’s easy. Payment is taken from your account. You get a breakdown by email or text message. No forms, no fuss.

Use the links on the right to find a car club near you.

Carplus itself is not a car club. We provide information about car clubs around the UK and support developing car clubs.

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