Door to door shared transport

Carplus sees the integration of car clubs with rail links as key to ensuring that users are aware of the transport options available for each journey – and ensuring that it is easy to make a seamless transition from public transport to car club as part of an end to end journey (for example through the integration of smartcard ticketing products).


Co-operation between service providers

Over the past decade we have seen how successful car-sharing clubs are in many other countries, partly facilitated by joint marketing and integrated payments systems between car sharing club operators and public transport services. Examples include Mobility Carsharing in Switzerland – working with Swiss Rail (SBB) to build ridership on each other’s services, and in Brussels between Cambio and STIB, as well as city-based joint initiatives in Bremen and Hannover.

There are now several projects in development across the UK, which will integrate public transport with shared bikes and cars. Research indicates that most users will be prepared to walk a maximum of ten minutes to access a car club vehicle.

Greater integration of mobility services and public transport would reduce the number of private cars on the road – and their associated problems – while public transport users and cyclists would be able to use car club vehicles for journeys that cannot easily be undertaken any other way.

Carplus is a member of the International Association for Public Transport (UITP) and supports the work of the Combined Mobility Platform.


Developments in door to door shared transport

There are now several projects in development and resources available. Follow the links to find out more.

Shared Transport Conference


Nottingham City Council Car Club