Integration with other modes of Public Transport

Integrating modes of transport to create a seamless travel experience, for the customer, where all elements complement each other rather than compete with each other, is becoming a growing trend.

Increasingly bike share, car share and public transport are now combined into a single overall travel experience with the technology in place to allow all segments to work in harmony.

A number of examples below show where this is already being undertaken.

Co-cars, Co-bikes, Exeter

The UK’s first exclusively electric on-street bike share, bikes and cars are available on the same app and smart card booking platform. Members can pick up Co-bikes and Co-cars in Exeter and the Exe Estuary; at railway stations, business parks and Devon County Council. Alternatively, casual users can unlock a bike from the Nextbike touch-and-pay terminals.


Reading EasyGo

The multimodal approach of Reading Borough Council’s EasyGo project launched in September 2016. It uses smartcard technology to integrate the Co-wheels car club vehicles, ReadyBike cycle hire (provided by Hourbike) alongside Reading buses. Their website, allows for joint booking with one card for each mode.

There is a desire to grow and expand the project, taking in new operators and new multimodal hubs, which will be added as funding opportunities become available.

Cologne KVB-RAD Nextbike

The city operates a bike share scheme through public transport provider, Kolner Verkehrs-Betriebe (KVB), in partnership with Nextbike. A total of 1,450 bikes are available on the network.
Using the KVB/VRS card, (VRS being the transport association network), seamless integration is possible across public transport with members able to combine travel with light rail transport, buses, bikes and car sharing.

The bike share launched in May 2015. There were 24,500 members by the end of the year. This grew to 47,100 by the end of 2016.

Wolfsburg Bewegen

Bewegen’s system in Wolfsburg launched in August 2015. The system has been fully functional for over a year and a half, providing the community with a transportation solution that has been praised for its innovation.

Wolfsburg is a 100% Pedelec (electric assist) system created in collaboration with InnoZ, a German company that offers an integrated electric vehicle solution (shared cars and shared bikes).
Bewegen’s system in Wolfsburg served as a basis for the company to establish Application Program Interface (API) integration for our IT solution, allowing its technology to interact with existing 3rd party systems.



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