Could a car club provide your business with a convenient, low carbon, hassle-free business travel option?

The Wise Group is a corporate member of its local car club. It has benefited from increased flexibility for its workforce and improved its environmental impact. The Wise Group has also helped to provide vehicles that the local community can use.

The Wise Group’s business travel

The Wise Group, a social enterprise based in Glasgow city centre, delivers a wide range of services and support across Scotland and the north east of England. Some of The Wise Group staff need to travel on a daily basis for visits. They previously used their own vehicles (known as the ‘grey fleet’) when a pool vehicle wasn’t available, and claimed the HRMC rate of 45p per mile.

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The Wise Group wanted to reduce the amount of grey fleet use, as well as bring its CO2 emissions in line with their environmental management accreditation.To start this process, it commissioned a Grey Fleet Review from the Energy Saving Trust. This review calculated that in 2013, staff were claiming 118,249 grey fleet miles, costing the organisation in excess of £53,212 per annum, and producing approximately 25.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Business travel options

The organisation had been considering leasing pool vehicles to enable their project team to deliver their work, but realised that utilising their local car club would provide a more flexible approach to providing their staff with travel options, so in April 2016 they became a corporate member of their local car club, Enterprise Car Club.

Although the cost of using the car club has shown to be comparable to grey fleet, it is likely it has worked out cheaper than leasing vehicles that may not have been optimally utilised.

What is a car club?

A car club is a member-based organisation that provides access to self-service, pay-as you-drive vehicles. These are available for hire for as little as 30 minutes up to several days at a time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cars can be booked online and are accessed using a smart membership card.

Car Club Benefits

Hassle-free car use

Using the car club vehicles has given staff members access to vehicles which are newer, safer and more fuel-efficient than most grey fleet vehicles. The car club operator insures the vehicles and carries out all maintenance and servicing. The Wise Group has peace of mind knowing its drivers are fully insured and the cars are road-worthy, without having to commit resource to do the checks itself. Furthermore, unlike pool vehicles, bookings are done via Enterprise’s website, which provides an efficient booking system to help ensure the vehicles are well utilised. The cars are accessed using a membership card, so there is no need for manual hand over of keys.

Reduced pressure on parking

The Wise Group is one of a few organisations based in the centre of Glasgow with a large car park, but the car park was always full and congested with staff and visitors’ cars. Ensuring staff have access to a vehicle at work for visits, has meant people don’t need to drive to work as they don’t need to use their own cars for business purposes. This has resulted in a less congested car park as people now have the option to use public transport, walk or cycle for their commute.

Community benefit

There is also the additional community benefit as The Wise Group has three car club vehicles based at their car park which are available to staff and the public to book. There is also a choice of vehicle: an electric car, a hybrid or a small petrol car.

Personal benefit

Another benefit is that all employees of The Wise Group can sign up to Enterprise personal membership for £1, an offer which a number of staff have taken advantage of. This gives members access to a national network of cars which they can use for their own personal use.

For more information about car clubs in your local area, please contact, or go to for a searchable map.


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